Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Back to School 2022. 6th Grade & 2nd Grade


Scarlett is now in MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!! It took a bit to process that. She score high on her initial start of the year tests (As she always does).  She wants to try Volleyball and Gymnastics this year. Horse lessons still are front and center in her world. We may find some new stables to try out some new ways of riding. Scarlett adjusted well to the new HUGE middle school and not knowing anyone in any of her classes. She is of course, making friends quickly. Loves reading and wants to travel so she can vlog about it. Ha ha.  

Maxwell started 2nd grade. He spent the summer with his tutor learning to read as he was a bit "behind" according... to the state apparently. Lol. I took it with a grain of salt since he's the youngest in his class and the first year of school for him was a joke with the pandemic. But still I wanted to make sure he got the support he needed. He ended up loving his tutor, Trevor, and so we kept him around into the new school year! He made reading fun for Maxwell. They wrote comic books together and had his super hero toys take turns reading to see who could read the best. Maxwell instantly bonded with his tutor and he's doing really well already in the first month of 2nd grade. Strong in Math and STEM. Getting better at his reading. Maxwell is my little homebody who likes to stay home and build all sorts of cool houses on the computer. 

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