Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Vera is 2!!!!


Two came fast for this little girl. January 29th!! She was all about Frozen this year so we stayed true to that. We just had some neighbors and a couple friends over. Rented a bounce house and a cake... those kids were happier than ever!! Doesn't take much to please these kiddos. They stayed out jumping and sliding on that bounce house for hours!! Vera only got a couple presents for her birthday this year. One was a tricycle that she is obsessed with. I'm trying this new thing with the 3rd, giving them less things and more experiences. Ha ha, you live and you learn. We had a great time celebrating our sweet last baby. 

Man, I cannot tell you how hard it is to watch her grow so quickly. I am not sure why it wasn't so hard with the others. Maybe I had an instinct/intuition that there would be more kids? But with Vera, I know she's it. And that makes my heart ache. It's so bittersweet isn't it? I have always been really sentimental over watching my kids grow. But it hits different when it's the "last time". I suppose that is why Vera breastfed the longest. Why I don't push potty training too hard. Why I am ok if she wants to snuggle or read books extra long. Because those days flew. And as my baby disappears and my toddler emerges, I just can't help but mourn those baby days. I'm also very excited to spend some time traveling with my kids. Now that she is a bit older, we can do more. Silver linings. 

Anyhow, miss Vera Solveig had a wonderful and simple 2nd birthday. 

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