Monday, February 21, 2022

December 2022

We stayed home for Christmas 2022. Since we had just gone to Florida the week before. The kids really wanted to be home and wake up on Christmas morning with all those festive feelings. And I truly do love being home for the holidays as well. I just wish family lived closer. It's not the same with family so far away. This Christmas was another wonderful, yet quiet one at home. These kids growing so quickly and time passing so fast. We still made some great memories this year. We made sure to go for walks in the neighborhood to check out all the lights and houses lit up. We brought hot cocoa and hot toddy's. The good ole days!! This year, Maxwell was into Sonic and Superheros. Scarlett is getting into that pre-teen phase but also loves Harry Potter. Vera was all about the Frozen and Cocomelon. She got her first kitchen and all the feels when she saw it that morning! Love watching these kiddos grow. <3 I think Christmas is my absolute favorite to prepare for. I start in October and every moment that I It truly brings a smile to my soul. The best feeling. We only get so many of these years to make Christmas and the holidays a fun and spirited time. Each year I feel the need to start sooner and make it last longer. 

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