Saturday, March 20, 2021

New Years 2021: All the Shimmer & Sparkle at home in Slippers


I realize that a lot of my posts have been far behind this year...The fact that I am just posting my New Year's post justifies my busy life over 2020. So with that said...

One thing that I've learned this year is that sometimes you have to be open-minded to spontaneity.  Seeing beyond what might seem like nothing and allowing it to be something; what it is. There is opportunity all around if we fine tune our lenses.

I've always liked getting dressed up for an occasion. Since as long as I can remember, putting on fancy things and going someplace fun to socialize has always called to me. But as we all know, 2020 was not a year of entertaining. It wasn't even a year of getting out of sweatpants for that matter. After a full year of letdowns and struggle, hardships and stress, I felt more than ever that I could use some sparkle in my life. As I was online shopping one night, I came across this lovely, sparkly frock and it was as if it was calling my name. It was an automatic add-to-cart moment and 2 weeks later, it was at my door. I tried it on and instantaneously, smiled. Funny how a silly piece of material could do that. But where would I wear it? Surely there are no parties this holiday season. And we didn't really go anywhere too often back in those days. So was it a waste of money to buy such a silly dress that I had no place to wear to? 
I've always believed that things are what you make of them. I mean, the best moments are usually about how you feel rather than how you big of an event it is or how much planning went into something, right?

This is often why I love to have a clean house with some candles burning and a feel-good movie playing in the background. Something delicious cooking in the crockpot or stove as I sit watching the kids play and sip on a good wine. And why? Because it feels warm and comforting. It makes me smile. It's about how I feel. 

 Maybe there wouldn't be parties or anywhere to go this year. But that didn't mean that I couldn't make a moment feel good. It didn't mean that I couldn't make it worth remembering. Sometimes it just takes a little thinking outside the box. I decided, we would get dressed up at home and have our own little party. Of course we'd go take some cute outdoor photos as well. So that is just what we did. The outdoor photos didn't go as planned. Our tripod for my phone broke and the new one was delayed in the mail. Then, we couldn't find the right spot outdoors. Once we did, Vera was beyond cranky and we ended up going home with not a single photo. After Vera napped and we had some snacks, I poured a glass of wine and found myself watching the kids dance around in the living room to some oldies. Scarlett in her sparkly dress and bare feet. Her curls just as wild as her spirit....Maxwell had taken off his dapper sweater and just his suspenders and tee were left. His facial expressions are more than entertaining these days. Vera in all her curiosity could barely walk in her layered dress. The kids laughed as she tried so hard not to step on her long layered dress. She couldn't quite figure out why her feet kept getting stuck. But this didn't deter her from trying. 

And it hit me. This is it! This is what I was looking for. Not a perfect holiday photo or a party to go to. I needed a good feeling...a memory worth holding onto. I looked down at my fuzzy faux fur slippers and decided I wouldn't put back on my heels. Suddenly, I loved the idea of a sparkly dress and slippers. At that moment, Amazon alerted me that a package was at my front door. My new tripod in perfect timing. I took some fun photos of the kids playing. I gave my phone to Scarlett and she began taking photos as well, with zero guidance. She's a natural, that girl. 

After, I set up the tripod and we took a few photos on the sofa of all of us. My favorites were the ones where the kids were just doing their thing and not smiling as I usually direct them to do. 
These photos were not really planned in this way. They were not professional and they they certainly aren't what first comes to mind for Christmas cards. They were better. They were a good feeling. One that I think back to this day and reminisce on such warm thoughts. I believe I have to do the same for 2020. Nothing about last year was planned or went according to how I anticipated. But there were so many memories that I think back on in fondness. Even some of the hard days. If you are able to take moments for what they are instead of what you have learned to believe will make you happy, you might just see that there is extraordinary in the mundane. There is fun in the dull. I know I'm going to get in a rut again at some point. I'll complain about a messy house or be frustrated that the kids aren't listening. I'll be overloaded with work or need a vacation. But after this past year, I'm sure as hell gonna try to let life come as it does. I will extract every drop of goodness from these blessed moments called life. 

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