Monday, May 18, 2020

Post-Pregnancy Journey. Sample Week- Monday:

 I love to try my best to stay healthy and in shape. Lately I have this urge to share more of this with others so that they can feel their best too. Being a mother is hard work and sometimes overwhelming. I 100% understand this as a working mother of 3. As we take care of our children, a lot of us also work, try to keep up with housework and chores etc. Often the ones left behind or doing all of the sacrificing are us. One of the biggest lessons I have taken away from motherhood is that you cannot lose yourself. Do this, and you won't be the best parent, wife etc, that you can be. You can't live on empty and really be the best version of you. This week I am sharing a simple way that you can take care of yourself to feel and look your best! What is it? Simply eating well, exercising and taking some "me" time each week. I have a 3 month old baby and so my meals and plans are currently catered to that. This doesn't mean it can't work for others. Just substitute workouts or snacks if you like.

 This is a sample week of what I do each day. It is best to prep as much as you can on Sunday so that you aren't tempted to grab something to eat quick that isn't super healthy. I also set up my workouts ahead of time. I use a google spreadsheet for myself, but a simple calendar works too. I am explaining my day a little more in detail here to paint a picture for how I multi-task and fit everything in, but subsequent posts will be more focused on the food, water intake and exercise. 

7am: Lemon water and vitamins ( I still take an organic prenatal gummy since I'm nursing HERE and a postnatal Omega supplement HERE)

7:05 am: Workout Tone It Up App- Core Restore & 1 approved ab-separation routine from TIU app or my own created workouts. I have done SO many different workout routines from Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer workouts back when I was a teen to Beachbody,  Tracy Anderson and Jillian Michaels. I even have Instagram fitness pages that I follow and use their workouts.  So my workouts vary a lot depending on what stage in life I am at. Right now Tone It Up app ($10 a month) works for my busy schedule. They also do series which are often helpful. I started with their PostNatal Series. But I did change it up a bit.
Note: I try to get up before the kids at 7am and workout. My kids generally sleep late. Sometimes Vera gets up earlier and then I improvise by setting her up with toys in my workout room. When I get my workout done first thing in the morning, when I have the most focus, this sets the mood for my entire day!

7:45 am: Snack: Post Workout Smoothie: 1 1/2 c. wild frozen blueberries, 1 c. frozen mango, 1 banana, handful of spinach, 1 tablespoon almond butter, a scoop of protein powder, a scoop of collagen and about 1-2 c. coconut water.
Note: Immediately after I workout I have a smoothie. These vary and I will share more of them throughout the week. I like this organic protein and this marine collagen. 

8:00 am: Feed my Kids & Prep Water. Kids get up and I feed them breakfast. While they eat, I fill up my fav water bottle to make sure I intentionally drink enough during the day. This is my water bottle HERE. I chose this one because I like that it is 32 oz and I know that I need to drink 2 of these a day to hit my water intake. You want to drink 1/2 your bodyweight in oz. If it's hot or I'm more active, I will drink more. I will share some of my favorite infused waters in case you don't like regular water. Here is a great one that I make often: Cucumber, Lemon, Ginger Water.
I breastfeed Vera and get her into her play gym for belly time or bouncer. Then I eat my 1st small meal.

8:45 am: Snack:  Everything Bagel Avocado Toast: 2 pieces of Ezekiel bread (or organic sprouted whole grain). After toasting, spread some cream cheese over both pieces. Slice up avocado and put over the cream cheese. Sprinkle Everything Bagel seasoning on top. Often I will have tea with this. My favorite tea Cinnamon Vanilla tea HERE.

9:20 am: Kids Schoolwork & Clean Up
I make sure Scarlett is doing her online schoolwork and give Maxwell some pre-k workbooks to do. I put Vera in the baby carrier because this is currently the only way she will nap. While she is in there I clean up and  throw in a load of laundry.

9:40 am: Get dressed & Work  This is the only bit of time that I get to put in some work for the gym, do bills or maybe some meal planning or blogging. Sometimes I feel better and more motivated if I get dressed. So I will do that before I start work. If Vera is fussy or I am running low on time, I say in workout clothes.

12 pm: Meal 2: Greek Power Bowl: Recipe HERE
I usually eat with Ty and make the kids plates of raw fruits, veggies and some grains or pasta. Maxwell is a picky eater and only likes plain foods but it's pretty easy to make him a plate of odds and ends. Scarlett will usually eat whatever we eat. I also sometimes have a Waterloo Sparkling Water with lunch. My favorite is their Watermelon.

12:30 pm: Misc: Change & nurse Vera, fold laundry & kids play in playroom.

1:30 pm: Snack: No Bake Chocolate Lactation Bars  (I prepped these on Sunday)
Refill my water. By now I should have drank my first 32 oz of water and I am refilling. Maybe get more work done. Respond to emails, gym inquiries etc. This is also when I schedule my meetings. During this time I let kids have screen time so they aren't bothering me.

3:30 pm: Snack: Sliced Apple w/ Peanut Butter, Dried Apricots & Almonds
Feed Baby again and put down for nap. Clean up again. Around this time, sometimes I like to do something with the kids. Sometimes both or sometimes one on one. Today I am going to take some time with Maxwell and play or paint with him.

5:00 pm: Dinner Prep Ty and I take turns doing meals. Lately we have been prepping food together.
5:30 pm: Dinner: Grilled Lime Salmon w/ Avocado Mango Salsa & Coconut Rice 

6:30- 7:30 pm: Family Walk 

8:00 pm: Bedtime Prep: Brush teeth, showers/baths for kids & PJ's. Put movie on for older kids. Make them a snack. Make sure I drank my second filled water bottle. If not, finish that while I nurse Vera and put her to bed.

9:00 pm: Adult Time: This is what I consider my "selfcare time". I like to shower at night so I do this and then Ty and I take a drink out on the porch. On Mondays I usually do some tea or maybe a mocktail. This is my favorite night time tea HERE. Sometimes Ty and I have gym stuff that we need to discuss so we take this time together to do that or just chat with each other.

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