Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Easter 2020.

 Easter this year was different. As most things seem to be this year. We have no family here in Texas but Ty's sister and hubby were going to come here for Easter this year. We were going to go to The La Cantera resort and lay around by the infinity pool and sip on cocktails while the kids splashed around.... It was cancelled since Corona took over. But life goes on with or without the plans intended. We have to make the decision to sulk about it or make the best of it. Turns out Easter this year was a fun weekend afterall. The kids woke up and did their annual Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt. They were so sweet and wanted Vera to open her goodies first. Vera got some hand rattles and the sweetest hedgehog that sings. Her favorite toy. 
Then they opened their goodies and spent the morning playing with them. Ty and I moved onto brunch while the baby napped. I muddled mint and blackberries for our mimosas while Ty prepped the disgustingly delicious stuffed french toast. On special occasions we ditch all the rules and indulge in whatever we want. The smell of the spinach and goat cheese frittata filled the air as it cooled on the cooktop. I believe that good music is essential for setting the mood. So I put on some old school Nina Simone, The Temptations and all those feel good tunes.  We did little happy dances in the kitchen as we made food together. I have to say....I thought that all this time together would make us get along less. But for Ty and I, it's brought us together more. He bought me some tie dye (so trendy) roses just because. Attached was the sweetest note that he appreciates me and all that I do. He has been so helpful with the kids. There have been a lot of downs to this isolation. But also a lot of positives that we would never have gotten the chance to discover if this had never happened. After we cheered with our mimosas and OJ's and ate our delicious brunch, we headed out for a walk. Then we bathed all the babes and watched a movie...or 2....or 3. We squeezed in some family selfies just to say we did it. It was certainly a lazy day. But it was a damn good day. I guess there is something to be said about being intentional. We were intentional because it was Easter, but I think if we are intentional on any day, it can be just as good.

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