Thursday, April 16, 2020

11 Weeks of Vera.

Three months.

We are coming up on....It flew by as I knew it would. I feel like it wasn't long ago that I was writing about Scarlett as a baby and now here I am 3 babies later. Vera is a lot like her sister was. She wasn't a great sleeper. Thankfully I have discovered the Nested Bean Sleep Sack and she has taken to this very well!! She is very happy when she is being held or talked to. I think she likes to be near me even more than Scarlett did. Scarlett was a little more independant. But I don't mind. I love the snuggles of this precious babe even if that means multitasking or sharing my workout time. My Baby Bjorn carrier has come to my rescue and I use that thing daily. It's how I get things done. 
Having Vera has been easier all the way around. Well, besides the pregnancy. I like to think that post baby made up for the terrible pregnancy. I felt like my recovery was so much easier. I felt a lot more confident in my parenting skills. Less anxiety and fear. I just rolled with the flow of things. I didn't expect her to be any certain way and I accepted how things were through each stage. My little caboose baby is such a blessing and so fun to be around. 

Vera smiled very early. Probably earlier than my other two kids. Or from what I recall. She was already laughing a bit at 2 months!!! It amazes me how a growth spurt comes and she literally wakes up doing something new! She loves her baths and watching her siblings play. Loves to be held and is the happiest in the morning after she wakes up. We fill our days with lots of nursing and snuggling, holding and eating more. She also loves to be out and about with us. Although, she is NOT a fan of the car yet. I'm hoping in the next month or so she adapts a bit more to that like my other kids did. She changes so much every day. She still has blue eyes and is in the 90% for her weight and 80% for her height!! I always have big babies. 

It's funny how once you meet your baby, they just fit perfectly into your life and you can't imagine it any other way. As if they were always meant to be filling that space in your life- your heart. Last year I was pretty certain we were done having kids and here I am today with a baby in my arms. I am SO very thankful that this little surprise happened. She is exactly what we needed. Maxwell has just taken to her so well. He kisses her and "protects" her from the doggies. He is probably the one who pays the most attention to her. Which surprised me since Scarlett is such a little mother to her. Yet Maxwell is closer in age and he just can't wait to teach her things. It's amazing to see them attach to her and show her so much love.
Who would have thought my maternity leave would have began like this!? With all of the craziness going on right now, it's hard to say what will happen...Things change daily. But I did already hire a Nanny for her and Maxwell. Maxwell starts Kindergarten this year in August so once he starts going to school with Scarlett, then the baby will be the only one with our new Nanny. I decided to go the Nanny route instead of traditional childcare. There were many reasons for that but I think this fit is best for us in this season. I am sad that family (besides Ty's dad) hasn't gotten the chance to meet her yet. I'm hoping that they will get to see her before she is a year old. 

I am enjoying this stage in life despite the quarantine and despite not being able to travel. It has slowed us down a bit and let us indulge in our kids more than we would normally be able to.  

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