Sunday, December 8, 2019

Holiday Home Tour: Scarlett & Maxwell's Room

 I let both of the kids have their own tree this year. Michael's had a great sale on trees in the beginning of the holiday season so I grabbed them both one. Then I got to decorate my own tree how I wanted. Scarlett got a flocked tree and she stuffed that thing to the brim with colorful decor. It is such a "Scarlett" personality tree and I just love it. We got Scarlett a canopy bed online and I bought some inexpensive sheer curtains on Amazon to run through the poles. Give it a dreamy look. I bought her some textured pillows and blankets from HomeGoods & Target and layered them on her bed. She still wanted horses incorporated so I left up her favorite picture and a couple horse things throughout but made it a little more focused on pinks and textures.  She picked out her room color so I went with it. Her room is pretty simple and the kids don't keep many toys in their room. They now have a playroom which is wonderful. Their rooms stay clean so much longer. I still need a fun rug for her room.
Maxwell wants a superhero room. So it is transitioning to kind of a vintage superhero theme, but for right now, it's more focused on Christmas- as you can see. I bought that metal M above his bed from The Home Store so long ago and it's still just as cute. Maxwell decorated his tree with lots of rustic pieces and I gotta say, this kid is definitely my kid. He placed things so organized and was very strategic about how each piece was put on the tree. Everytime I go into his room I look at his tree and think about how he's such a little organizer, just like me. Often he will re-organize rooms throughout the house just for fun. Then he will come to me and show me proud as ever! Maxwell got the ride on car when he was a year old. It's still available on Pottery Barn Kids. The rest of his decor is from when he was a baby and is mostly from HomeGoods. The Where the Wild Things are crown is from his first birthday (sob)  and it now sits on his first teddy bear which now has only one eye. The Discover the World sign is from Etsy. The bedding, superhero sign, Christmas decor and Cars & Trucks basket are all HomeGoods. Once Christmas is over, I plan to keep the reds throughout but again, it will change a bit. I also want to get a cute rug to add some texture.

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