Thursday, November 21, 2019

24 Weeks & Some Time on the East Coast

We spent some time in Chatham and Groton, MA last month when we went back to celebrate Ty's sister's wedding. The weather was perfect and we escaped some of the Texas heat for a week to enjoy some good ole' New England fun. 
The kids got to spend some time with Ty's family and picked pumpkins which they DID bring home in their carry ons despite my advice not to...
I don't care what anyone says, Dunkin Donuts is not the same anywhere besides New England. So I had my unhealthy share of DD while I was back.
I don't know what it is about travel, but it just brings out the best in me. I am happiest when I 'm adventuring out and about. I think that is something that I should listen to that sign. 
His face...I mean....*swoon*
Wedding Pics...
We also spent an entire day at Sturbridge Village with my family during this trip. I need to get those pics up!!! That was another fun filled day. 

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