Thursday, October 10, 2019

Weekend Vibes: 21 Weeks & We Picked a Name!!

 21 weeks. I think I may always be behind on this documenting the bump thing. I am 24 weeks as I write this but these photos were taken at 21.
There's been more outings and more living lately. More decorating and less pregnancy misery lol. Oh this glorious second trimester is the part of pregnancy that I can deal with. And guess what?!
We picked a name!!! And we are mimicking what we did with Maxwell and keeping it on the downlow until she is born. I really thought about not finding out the gender this time around. I thought maybe I could do it but I just couldn't! I am too much of a planner. We have shared pretty much everything about this little one that I thought it would be nice to just keep something to ourselves for now until we see her little face. We did this with Maxwell and it just made it that much more special. So she shall remain "Baby Girl" until 2020. ;)  I will say that all of my kids have middle names after family members that we love and/or lost. So we are staying true to that and she will have a middle name after another family member.
I am just SO in love with her name. It just came to me one day as I was pondering names. I asked Ty what he thought and he immediately said, "I like that".  I just knew it was the one! It felt perfect just as Scarlett and Maxwell did to us.
So name is checked off the gear? Not so much lol. I'll get there. It dawned on me today that we will have 3 kids.....THREE KIDS....a newborn in less than 4 months!!! I often still don't feel like I'm old enough some days. I often feel like I'm still a young 20-something year old. And then I think back and remember my 20's and things I did and realize that I am definitely NOT. Nor do I wish to be. Ha ha. To think that 10 or so years ago, I didn't even know if I wanted to get married or have kids....Sometimes you just have to meet the right person to change your mind.

We just got back from Massachusetts and I have SO many fun pictures coming on the next blog post!! 

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