Monday, September 30, 2019

Looking back 17 Weeks: How I'm doing now, Nursery Dilema and Baby Names

I just realized that with everything going on, I haven't documented this pregnancy much at all. womp womp....I haven't done any weekly posts or bump updates. So I decided I will start now. No better time than the present. These photos are from 17 weeks but I am much further along now. I will try and squeeze a few posts in for memory's sake.

Phew. Let me catch my breath...
For a couple of reasons. Ha ha. It's been a whirlwind of a month moving and starting new schools and just trying to regain a few ounces of energy. I also started getting these spells where I was standing still but so completely out of breath like I just ran a 1/2 mile and feeling almost disoriented. I started some iron pills and I've been feeling much better.

I started feeling the baby move SO early this time around! I first felt her at about 16 weeks. She is now full blown kicking and squirming around at 22 weeks. I actually love this. This is one of the few things that I truly enjoy about pregnancy. Scarlett and Maxwell have both felt her moving. They get so excited to feel her little jabs.

When we started building the house, we had two bedrooms upstairs close together attached by a jack and jill bathroom that were designated to Maxwell and Scarlett. The other room is further away off the playroom and that is currently the guest room. This was all before we found out I was pregnant. Now, we don't really know where to put the baby's room since we have a 1st floor master suite. For awhile, the baby will be in our room but I feel like the age difference between Scarlett and baby are too far apart to share a room. I imagine Maxwell won't sleep well with a baby in his room. Do we eliminate the guest room?? I also can't imagine running up the stairs every time she wakes. Anyone out there have a first floor master and a baby?? What did you do?

Everyone keeps asking me if I have thought of any names. To be lol. And I need to! I have looked briefly but all my old favorites are no longer my favorite. And the one I did like got shot down by Ty and Scarlett. It will come to us as perfectly as the other two did. I just have to find the right name to go along with Scarlett and Maxwell.  I am not really worried about it. I just think it will come to me. Anyhow, I am 22 weeks currently and I am finally to that phase where I feel great most of the time.  I am getting things accomplished while I'm feeling good. There's lots to be done and so much going on. I do recall I like it that if Fall would arrive in TX, that would be awesome! I am over the 100 degree days!!

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