Saturday, July 20, 2019

Scarlett & Maxwell Take 7

Scarlett: Rolling Stones Sweater & boots from Zara 
Maxwell: Tee and jeans from Target 
Scarlett: Skirt from Target, Sequin Sweater from H&M
Maxwell: Sweater and dress shirt from Carter's, shoes from Gap
Scarlett: Horse sweater & polka dot pants from H&M, shoes are Toms. 
Maxwell: Sweatshirt & pants from H&M and Banana print shoes from Old Navy
Scarlett: Whole outfit is from Zara
Maxwell: Whole outfit is from Target 

Ok guys, there's no denying how adorable they both are!!!! Like, seriously. How did I get so darn lucky!? I love picking clothes for these 2 lately. Scarlett likes comfort over anything. But she does have a great sense of style. I will ask her opinion over Ty's for fashion advice. Ha ha. Maxwell is my little stylish guy who gets SO excited when I get him new shoes. We all know who he takes after lol. Let's talk about what these two are up to here in 2019.

Scarlett, just had her 8th birthday. Horses again. Although she informed me that next year she is going to switch up the horses. She is just as wild and independent, headstrong and free-spirited as she has always been! She is starting to enjoy creating her own style now with clothes and accessories. Something that she never much cared about. Friends come so easy to her. That is nothing new. Everyone is attracted to her little light that shines so brightly, drawing us all in. Her award in school this year was "Life of The Party" which suits her well.
Her favorite foods lately are coconut yogurts with dark chocolate chia seeds sprinkled on top, peaches & plums, clean eating tacos, cauliflower-raw, peppers and the occasional....junkable (lunchable). She hates avocado. She loves writing books lately. Reading books and writing books goes on a lot. She has even have written a few narratives. I love this about her!! A mini Lauren shines in those moments. She is super sweet most of the time and once in awhile some 8 year old attitude comes out. She wouldn't be my child if it didn't ;)

Maxwell, he is turning into such a boy! No more toddler. (Excuse me while I sob) He dresses himself every morning now. And he is ALWAYS so excited when I order new clothes or shoes for him. Boxes come in the mail and Scarlett rolls her eyes as Maxwell and I open them with wide eyes!  He tries them all on right away and then folds them and puts them away. He is a lot more reserved when it comes to friends. He has a few close friends and he is content with that. Anytime he moves into a new class or there is a teacher change, Maxwell goes into his shell and feels the situation out before letting loose. Each new teacher asks me, "Does he talk much at home?" To which I laugh....and then reply, "Give it a couple weeks." Sure enough, every time they tell me that he is coming out of his shell and participating more after a bit of time. He loves waffles, donuts, raw broccoli and blueberries right now. He hates cooked veggies. He is beginning to write his name pretty well now. He has been having a phase of tantrums lately. I never understood the whole "Terrible Twos" phrase as neither of my kids misbehaved at 2. It wasn't until almost 4 that they both went through a bit of a stage where tantrums seemed to be a daily thing. But I know this is just a phase and soon my sweet boy will be back. So we love him through the hard stages. His favorite toys are trucks & diggers, PJ Masks, Paw Patrol, Transformers and matchbox cars.

These two kids are such a joy to have in life. In the small moments that they don't think I'm watching, is when I see their true hearts come out. When Maxwell says, "Sissy, I will share with you." after getting birthday presents and realizing his sister has none. Or when Scarlett hugs her brother tight when he's scared of the loud booms from the fireworks. Those are the moments that I stop and think, ...I'm doing okay. They are good little humans thus far. 

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