Monday, April 29, 2019

Weekend Vibes: Craving SATURDAYS

I just loved these photos of the kids being silly. I got so lucky with these little ones. They can be silly, they can be strong willed. They can be loving. But the thing I love most is that they stick together! Little besties. 

This particular weekend we went out for brunch at 5 Points Local in San Antonio. We sat outside on the patio and had the most delicious organic food!! And of course mimosas. These little weekends out with them are my favorite. No particular plans. Just hanging out together and seeing what comes our way. Anyone else living for the weekends lately? I hate that saying but I feel that it's been pretty consistent that the weekdays are chaotic and not always that enjoyable, and the weekends are like a breath of fresh air. Seasons. Everything comes in seasons. So in this season, I try to take stress as a sign that I'm 100 diff areas. Still, I'm needed. I've had a weird couple of months. It seems like as soon as something goes right, 2 things go wrong. And I just can't figure out why it's been consistently like this. Waiting for the break in this pattern. We are still dealing with property fun and building fun. ;) But I THINK things are all finally coming together nicely. (I'm almost afraid to say that). I've been struggling on the workouts lately. My time lately has been scarce. So I've been squeezing in small 10-15 min workouts. Better than nothing but I'm ready to get serious again. So I've mapped it all out again in my trusty google sheet. LOL. I find when I do this, and plan it all out beforehand, my success rate is a LOT better. I'm pretty dedicated once I have it all down in writing. It's when I just say, 'I'll figure it out as I go' that I start slacking on good workouts and a well laid out meal plan. 

During this busy season, I'm really enjoying unplugging from everything else on the weekends and tuning into my family and having these fun little times together. 

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