Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Troop Beverly Hills or Girl Scouts??

A couple weekends ago I went on a camping trip with Scarlett's Girl Scouts Troop. Since we joined the troop, Scarlett has been asking when are we going camping? So it was inevitable that we would go and I knew this. Although, I can't say I was crazy about the idea of it. Don't get me wrong, I'm up for an adventure anytime. But with everything that we have had going on lately, it just seemed like more of a task on the checklist than something to enjoy. Not to mention, I am not exactly the rustic camping type. I mean, I grew up on a small farm, riding buggies and chasing chickens. So my roots are there. But I haven't had to do any REAL camping in quite some time.
If I admit that I watched Troop Beverly Hills to prepare myself for the trip, will you think less of me? Ha ha. Anyone else born in the 80's know what I'm talking about? I had this vision in my head that I would be like Phyllis Nefler in Troop Beverly Hills, just arriving with my Louis Vuitton luggage and big hat. Didn't really happen that way. lol.

We arrived later in the evening and you best believe that I was cursing quietly to myself as I dragged a squeaky cart with things falling off every few steps, over bumpy terrain in the dark to our cabin. That was my fault for not leaving earlier I suppose. Scarlett had one job. Hold the flashlight and watch for things that could drop off of the cart. By the time we got 1/2 way to the cabin, of course Ty's new camping mattress pad had fallen off somewhere. Thanks Scarlett. ;) We did go searching after and found it, thankfully.

So the first night was a bit rough. I can't say I was as prepared as I should have been.
Upon arriving and unloading into the small cabin with 8 bunks, no heat/ac and only 1 outlet...I reconsidered what I had gotten myself into. In a cabin loaded full of girls and Texas allergens blowing in from the open windows, I didn't sleep much. I'm a sleep with the tv on kinda girl.
I woke up and started getting ready at 6am. The lack of hot water and mirrors was definitely not helping with my thoughts on camping. Mind you, the last time I have been "real" camping was probably in my 20's. And even then there was alcohol and friends and not much sleeping. Before that it was when I was a teenager. We've always opted to RV camp or glamping as a family. But I'm not one to back away from a challenge. Toughen up. If you can't hang with some girl scouts then you might as well hang up the towel....might have been a thought or two. lol.

Day 1 was filled with lots of things to do and as the day went on, I felt a sense of relaxation set in. Everything was simple there. I took joy in watching Scarlett play with her friends and do all of the different activities. I have a confession. I always wanted to be a girl scout. But I never was one. So I lived a little vicariously through Scarlett that weekend. By weekend's end, I was feeling like I could probably do a couple more days of it....IF I had warm water in the bathrooms lol. All the way home Scarlett talked about all of the fun things she got to do at camp. I even got to know some of the moms there. Always a bonus to meet new people here in TX. So my take on the whole experience? I'd do it again.

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