Friday, October 19, 2018

Weekend Vibes: Dierks Bentley, VIP Passes & Fringe

I have been to my share of concerts and I can honestly say that the Mountain High Tour with Dierks Bentley, Brothers Osborne and Landco was one of the most FUN concerts that I have been to! in quite some time!

Ty bought me VIP tickets for Mother's Day and I have been anxiously awaiting this day! To be real and honest, (and maybe naive) I did not know what the VIP tickets were or what they included. I asked Ty and he said, they let you in early, you get free food and some drinks and then they have a private acoustic concert for you.  I had ZERO clue that it would be Dierks Bentley actually performing this.  It was POURING buckets on this day and this venue is completely outside. We still made our way to the Austin 360 Ampitheatre with ponchos and umbrellas. After getting some swag and free merch, we rushed under umbrellas to the VIP tent. They gave us some food, drinks and then I quickly made my way to the concert tent. No one was there when we arrived so we figured it was probably going to be a small pre-show performer to play. I got right in the front and waited anyhow. We waited with drinks in hand and chatted with some other concert-goers. 30 minutes later, a van shows up and out walks Dierks Bentley with his band. When he got out of the van, I literally almost cried!! In total fan girl fashion, I was an arms length away from Dierks just gaga over the whole thing. He chatted with us and asked us what we wanted to hear- played some great songs.

The reason that I love Dierks so much is that I just connect with his music, as I'm sure many do. His songs just hit me on another level and sometimes I think, wow, I could have wrote this and it would have been just as relevant. So when he started singing "Son of the Sun" and "My Religion" two feet from my face, my world was rocked! It was just the coolest thing to experience that kind of energy so close and personal. He looked right in my eyes a couple of times and I thought, How on earth is the concert going to top this!!?? 

Well, the concert was super fun too. Brother's Osborne was awesome and Lanco amazing as well! We were only 3 seats back but still, nothing topped my moments so up close with them earlier. Sigh.....anyhow, it was a REALLY good night. We ate crappy food and drank crappy beer. (That part not so good) but it was a blast just the same. The rain stopped by the time the concert started and the temp was perfect. We got a hotel to stay the night in Austin and didn't go to bed until 3:30am. We drove home early in the am to get the kids to school but it was worth that entire exhausting morning.

I got so many compliments on the fringe jean jacket that I wore. This is so funny to me because I did a poll on Instagram asking i I should keep it or return it. 80% said to return it. But being the rebel that I am, I kept it and honestly love this jacket. I can see this jacket being on repeat in my wardrobe this Fall. For those who asked, it's from Missguided. And my top was a Dierks Bently shirt....did you know he has a clothing line!?!? It's called Flags & Anthem HERE.

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