Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Girls Road Trip in Hill Country & Austin TX.

Once I decide something, there's no stopping me. And I decided I needed to have a girls weekend. So we put a date on the calendar and the planning began. Planning a trip or vacation is one of my favorite parts of the whole process. Along with the many other things I wanted to do, Travel Agent was on the list as well. Ha. What can I say, there's a lot I wanted to do. I had some fun planning a long weekend away for us.

I asked a few of my besties to come and visit. Although a couple were missing, my sister and my bestie were able to make it and we had THEE best time in Texas. They flew in on a Thursday and after a few delay issues, and quite a few drives to the airport, lol, they made it. As you may have read previously, I'm collaborating with Buick on Instagram and I'm so excited because we have loved our SUV from day one. (FYI This blog post is not sponsored). The Buick is really quite spacious for traveling with my family so I decided it was perfect for our road trip as well. We packed up the Buick Enclave and headed to Fredericksburg where we rented the cutest cottage from AirBNB.  Can I just tell you that road trips with friends are the best!?!? We laughed so hard we cried, talked about everything from A to Z and had some very interesting moments too! I swear it is better than therapy. Once we got to Hill Country, we didn't waste any time. We headed straight to Grape Creek Winery and had lunch and couple glasses of wine at Stout's @ Grape Creek Trattoria. It was a beautiful setting. My sister kept saying that she felt like she was in Tuscany. It really didn't feel like we were in TX. Another great winery that I have been to and recommend in this area is Becker Vineyards.

After that we walked the downtown main street of Fredericksburg, checking out the shops and tasting a wine here or there. It was super hot so we ended up going back to the cottage and relaxing for a bit. Then we went to Luckenbach Town Hall. You might have seen my post HERE about the first time I visited here. It is thee cutest dance hall ever!! We watched locals do the 2-step or whatever country dance it is that they do so well! We listened to live music and had local beers. Lindsay even made friends with a Rooster. We stayed here most of the night. Super cool atmosphere that I highly recommend if you are ever around this area.

The next day we packed up, had some breakfast at Sunset Grill and headed to Austin. First things first. We stopped at Lady Bird Lake and went paddle boarding!! We went to this one HERE but there are quite a few options to choose from. It was really gorgeous scenery and such a cool experience. I forgot to bring my waterproof phone case (still kicking myself for this) and so I didn't get any of the actual lake shots. Such a bummer. because it was beautiful scenery to paddle our boards along the river, under the bridges with the city in the background. We stayed at the Domain in Austin and spent some time by the pool before going out for dinner. I had been dying to go to Oasis for awhile now. This place is amazing!! I mean, the photos speak for themselves but still don't even do it justice. They don't take reservations and we had an hour wait for dinner, but we grabbed drinks at the bars overlooking the majestic lake. I actually liked taking an hour to just take in all of the scenic views and take some photos. Dinner there was nothing special, pretty standard food, but the view during the sunset.....worth it!! 

We spent the night trying new restaurants, bars and even found ourselves in the middle of a pretty intense night club!! Though we didn't spend much time there, the rooftop bar was still pretty fun. If you ever stay at the Domain in Austin, I highly recommend staying at the Archer Hotel. The pool and decor alone are awesome! That is my go to pick for hotels there.

After spending the night laughing about everything under the sun, catching up on months worth of talk and letting loose a little, we woke up the next morning and decided we needed to get some breakfast before we hit the road. So we found a tiny coffee spot that had good food and grabbed a bite to eat. It was an hour drive to where horses awaited us. We took turns driving which made for even more laughs, right Kalin? ;)
This was probably the best idea I had for this trip.  We got to spend 3 1/2 hours riding horses around the country. The best part of this horse riding experience was that they were not your typical "Trail Horses". They would actually take direction and you got the full horse riding experience. We got a run through before and then got to be in control for the rest of the ride. It was really hot that day but we still enjoyed our time riding horses in the countryside.

After that we headed back to San Antonio where we ate and played some Corn-hole at The Rustic, my fav spot lately. Coolest setting with live music.  My sister spent an extra day with us and so we explored the Riverwalk, went to see the Alamo and did some swimming. In just a few days, we experienced so much. It was a fun little long weekend and I'm already counting down the time until I get to see them again! If you are feeling overwhelmed, burnt out or just stressed....I swear by a girl's weekend away. It does wonders for the soul :) Thanks for coming girls!! xoxo

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