Monday, January 29, 2018

Scarlett & Maxwell Take 6

The giggles from the other room as I write this are time-capsule-worthy. Scarlett and Maxwell are watching The Parent Trap (original version) and I absolutely love that they are so intrigued by this movie from 1957.
Any old movie that I put on, they are glued to! They may not look like me, but now I know they are truly my children. I'm a sucker for an old flick.

It's been awhile since I've posted a Scarlett and Maxwell post. The time is slipping away too quickly and I recognize this more and more as the kids get older. Funny how that happens. I used to hear my parents say it and all be darned, they were right!
I want to soak up all these little moments and live in them forever. I love this chapter of life. Don't get me wrong, I have my fair share of "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" moments. In fact, I have more than I'd like. But beneath all of the chaos and screaming, dirty clothes and messy rooms, tears and stressful, trying times, I know how truly and utterly blessed I am. I'm one of those folks who is always thinking, "life is too good, something bad is about to happen." A horrible habit I know, but it's how I'm wired. And ya know what? It's made me appreciate things more than the average person. How's that for the glass is half full?

Scarlett is turning 7 years old in 4 months and I have all sorts of emotions about that. I mean, how in the hell does time do that!? Someone please tell me. I am not sure why but her turning 7 is affecting me more than when I turned 30. 7 just seems too big and I am having a hard time accepting it.

Scarlett is becoming such a young lady. She is everything that I knew she would be. Independent, headstrong, kind, nurturing, smart, loving, and of course, stubborn just like her Mama. She has the most descriptive and intriguing imagination. I love to listen to her play with her brother. All of the magic comes out in her words. She is such a little social butterfly. Moving to Texas, I had fears that the kids wouldn't adjust but Scarlett made friends on her first day. I should have known. She is flourishing in school and loves all of her new Texas friends. She got and "Exceeds" on EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT! I am floored by her effort and how smart she is. She is also on 2nd grade reading level. I love the outgoing personality in her. She begs me on most days to go out and see if we can meet kids in the neighborhood. She began horse lessons here in Texas this month. She has been riding English since she was 3 but we couldn't find one English riding barn here in Texas. Imagine that!  Anyhow, we decided to try Western. She is loving it just as much!  As long as she can be there with those horses, she is happy and all is right in the world.
Although she gives me a run for my money with her witty remarks and will to be continuously right at all times, (no clue who she would get that from....gulp) I JUST know that those qualities are going to allow her to be something grand. And I try my hardest every day not to tame the wild out of her. My very hardest. I also read last week that studies show, a nagging mother makes for a successful daughter. Hmmm. Who would have thought my flaws would pay off!? ;)

Maxwell has become so verbal! I love it. I can't get enough of his chatter and cute sentences. Maxwell hasn't been doing as well in school here in Texas. He is much different than his sister. He likes to take his time to get used to things. He must feel things out before he feels safe to let his guard down. He watches before acting and wants to hold onto me a little longer than his sister did. He adored his school in New York. The teachers and his friends- he would come home happy and talking about playing with his friends every day. Now, the teachers at his new school have been telling me that he seems sad and doesn't play or interact. He only watches. This breaks my heart. This is not the boy I know. As soon as I pick him up, a smile comes over his face and he runs to me like it is the best part of his day. The teachers tell me that he is like a different child as soon I come to pick him up. Im hoping he gets used to the new school and begins to enjoy it. Because honestly...this kills me every. single. day. It was my worst fear when we decided to come here. But then I tell myself that all personalities are different and Maxwell might need a little bit longer to adjust, that's all. Sure enough, this week has been a bit better. He has been playing more at school and seems to be interacting more too. So let's cross our fingers for Maxwell, shall we? He has also started potty training. And he's in big boy underwear!! Again, the time thing kills me. I don't have a baby anymore...sob. But this means that we won't have to buy diapers anymore and we can go on vacations without the baby packing and having to cater to the baby before all else. So we look forward to that.

And I know most of you won't care about these but I want to remember them...

Favorite Foods:
Right now Maxwell favs are: pasta, cupcakes, waffles, pancakes, yogurt, ice cream sandwiches and blueberries & bananas.
Scarlett loves: Salmon, fresh mozzarella, soft pretzels, yogurt, raviolis and smoothies.

Scarletts highlights: She is reading like a pro and acing spelling tests and math.
Maxwells highlight: He is now starting potty training! He is successfully going pee on the potty and we are working on the rest ;) He is also starting to use his imagination as well as his sister.

Comedy of month: 
Scarlett: I hear from the other room, "Wow this is really hairy, I think I need to shave this." I look in cringing to see what she is referring to. I see her holding a hair brush. Thank God!
Maxwell: He repeats, "Oh bother!" in the same tone as his father when I ask him to clean up his toys or say sorry to his sister. It cracks me up that he knows in what context to use certain phrases.

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