Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Everything I Eat For An Entire Week.

I have had quite a few questions on Instagram (@itslaurenrebecca)  about what I've been eating and how often etc. So I thought I would share with you my meal plan for the entire week. That is EVERYTHING I will be eating for the entire week. I also wanted to share that I am doing the Tone It Up fitness plan but not their meal plan at this time. I'm sure I will try it out eventually but for now, my own meals have been working for me. I keep a google sheet for the week and that helps me to keep track of what we ate. Sometimes we don't feel like eating something on a particular day or might not have enough time to cook something so we pick a different meal off of the list to cook instead. So I just highlight what was eaten. For instance, we had healthy clean tacos today instead of yesterday because Ty wanted the bun-less burgers yesterday. This works for us because life happens and things change and so we can't be set in stone. Also, sometimes you are just craving something different so this works as long as we swap the meals out and stick to the meals on the chart. You will note that I start my week on Saturday because that is the day that I go grocery shopping so it's easier for me to do it this way.
I was raised vegetarian so I have no problem eating lots of raw fruits and vegetables. I do lots of lunches where I just eat raw veggies, cheese, eggs and of course, my favorite, Peanut Butter!! The one thing that I had a hard time letting go of was pasta. But I've realized that there are whole wheat pastas or zucchini/squash noodles that make delicious meals as well. It's all about experimenting with new things.

If I have a harder workout that day, I try to eat more protein so I may add in apples and peanut butter or cottage cheese for an after dinner snack. That may not be on the chart but I know that it's ok to do so.
An "X" under workout means I need to work out that day, which is usually a Tone It Up workout as of lately.  I also used to do the Bikini Body Burn workouts. I only take 2 days off and usually try to get some outdoor activities in on a weekend day that I'm not working out. If I don't have a lot of time one day, I will just do the toning moves for Tone It Up but if I have more time, I will do those AND an additional workout.

MealSaturday SundayMonday
Breakfastcoffee, Yogurt bowlBanana & PB Overnight Oats and coffeeTropical Green Smoothie
Snackprotein smoothieChocolate Peanut Butter Chia Bar cottage cheese & fruit
Lunchcheat mealMozzerella, tomato & basil 2 HB eggs, cheese slices, green beans, apple slices w/ PB with snacking round
Snackchocolate PB Chia BarProtein SmoothieProtein Smoothie
DinnerSweet Potato wedges with fishburgers with no bun, Clean Eating Vegetable Fritters with mashed cauliflower
Snackcheese no snack tea
Water60 oz60 oz60 oz
WorkoutXOutdoor activity X

Greek Yogurt Bowl: banana blueberries, kiwi, granola & coconut and Coffee Tropical Green SmoothieBanana & PB Overnight Oats with TeaTropical Green smoothie
apples with pb & choc bits Pomegranates yogurt with almondsyogurt with fruit
Salad w/ Tuna & chocolate PB Chia bar for dessert Veggie Wrap w/ cottage cheese2 HB eggs, cheese slices, veggie & PB with snacking round veggie wrap with cottage cheese
Protein SmoothieProtein SmoothieProtein SmoothieProtein Smoothie
Clean Eating Taco TuesdayChicken Marsala stuffed w/ cheesy carmelized onion Baked Sweet potatoes w/ Crispy Kale & Feta w/ Steak Kids: RaviolisBaked Coconut Chicken Strips with vegetable & brown rice
yogurtteano snack cocktail/wine
60 0z60 0z60 oz60 oz

So there is an example of what I eat for an entire week. I hope that is helpful and I encourage anyone looking to feel better and look better, to start meal planning and working out regularly. I can immediately tell when I haven't been working out that I don't feel as good. My mood is ehhhh and I just feel unaccomplished. There are so many benefits to keeping your lifestyle healthy. I am going to share some before and after photos soon. This time last year, I was NOT as in shape as I am now. I worked out a lot but it was because I was eating whatever I wanted. What you eat is so important when trying to get in shape. They say it is 80% what you eat and 20% working out. I believe that whole-heartedly. 

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