Sunday, June 25, 2017

Maxwell Turns 2: Trucks & Diggers

Maxwell turned 2 on June 9th and we celebrated with a small party at our house. Trucks and "diggers" was the theme. Two of Maxwell's favorite things. It was a low key celebration but I found that it was a lot more enjoyable. I got to watch Maxwell smile and open his gifts instead of running around making sure everything was running smoothly. We even got the event catered so we didn't have to cook. Maxwell got one gift from Ty and I. This GMC Truck. We tried to find a matching Ram Truck like Daddy's but we couldn't find one and so the GMC it is. Scarlett got Maxwell a little green big boy bike. 
I can't believe how big this little guy is getting!! We upgraded his crib to a big boy bed and this time, we were smart and went right for the full size, skipping the twin. You live and learn right? 
I am putting together his big boy room and I will post that on the blog soon. We are so very grateful for 2 years with this little Bubs. Here's to watching him grow many more!

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