Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fitness. What I'm Doing.

I wanted to share some of the workouts that I've been doing. When I started back in February, I had initially begun to put together my very own workout plan. It was a collaboration of all the workouts I had tried over my entire life. It was geared more towards what worked for me and it was ultimately changeable according to what you wanted to accomplish. I really felt that it was something that anyone could do despite having little time. It was a good 6 weeks that I followed this routine and by vacation time, I was feeling really good about what I had accomplished. But then I got sick with all of the sicknesses that Maxwell so graciously brought home from daycare and it was like 3 months that I was down with different ailments. After not working out for a few weeks, I wanted something to kick me back into gear.  I'm still working on putting my other routines together because I really want to share it with you guys.  I think it truly does work and because I've tried SO many different workouts, I know what actually works for me. In the meantime, I wanted to share the workout that I've been doing to get me back into the flow of working out.

Beginning to workout is the hardest part. By week  3 or 4, I'm back into the flow of things and feeling good, but my gosh, that first couple weeks has to be the worst. I found a great 12 week workout program on Instagram and I'm loving it. I get bored easily so this one changes things up enough for me. Not only does it guide me physically but there are great eating habit tips and suggestions along the way as well. I've never tried anything like this before but I'm really enjoying it and feeling progress even in the first 2 weeks. I needed a program that I could follow so that I could snap back into the workout game and not worry about if I'm doing enough. What we (my sister and I) have been doing is called Bikini Body Burn and you can find it HERE. I paid minimal amount of money to buy the workout guide and it's been so helpful in getting my motivation going. I plan to complete this 12 week program and then switch over to my own workout routine that I am continuing to put together as I go through this process. Most of it is done. I just need to get it all down in an organized writing form to share with you. I'm the type of person that needs a strict layout to follow in order to continue working out and eating right diligently. Which is precisely why I turned to another program until I have mine laid down firmly. The reason why I chose this one is because there was so much of what I was already doing incorporated into it. I can't wait to share more with you as we continue our fitness journey. Until then, follow along as we share before/after photos as well as some short video clips of BBB and shortly after, my very own workout routines. 

If you have been looking for something to get you started in the right direction and something that even a busy mother, such as myself can do, I highly suggest doing the Bikini Body Burn 12 week model. Again, you can find that 12 week program here. 

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