Monday, June 6, 2016

Scarlett's 5th Birthday.

On May 5th, my Baby Scarlett turned 5.

All the emotions come as I realize she is not a baby anymore. I feel as though it's gone too quickly. She starts Kindergarten in the Fall and I tear up at the thought that she will never again stay home with me during the day. I pulled her out of Daycare (Pre-K) the end of May for this reason. She will only be attending a few field trips. I want to plan fun things to do with both of the kids this summer and enjoy this last toddler Chapter of Scarlett. She is now becoming a girl and my Mama heart aches and soars all at the same time!!

For her birthday this year she requested a Lion Guard Birthday. If you know my Scarlett, you know that she is an animal lover and her adoration for anything in nature is mighty. She collects leaves and rocks, sticks and flowers. It was only natural that she would want a Lion Guard theme. I find her pretending she is a lion or a mother dog all too often.

I threw together a fun little gathering with her friends and some family. I didn't want to go overboard with things as I have done in the past. She's had some pretty fun birthdays: (Here, here, here and here) They played on her new swing set that Ty put together for her and painted mini Jungle animals. I found the best Lion Guard masks here on Etsy. They were a hit! We also made some worms in dirt (Scarlett was really into them) and I got pretty crafty with a Pinterest Lion Dip....We sang Happy Birthday and overall, the day was a success. I had a happy little girl and THAT is what makes a good party. Happy 5 years my sweet little girl. You are my ray of sunshine and I love you forever!!!!!

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  1. I loved going back through all of Scarlett's past birthday parties again.. my how she's grown!! Her 1st birthday party is still my absolute favorite <3 SO BEAUTIFUL!!


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