Thursday, June 2, 2016

May 2016

For more than a couple days now, I've been wanting to sit down and play cards with Ty.  I would like nothing more than to just sit down with him and a couple drinks and play a simple card game. It seems as though even this isn't an easy task these days. I swear the children plan who will stay awake the latest each night. I'm longing for some alone time with Ty to sit and chat- play a game or two and catch up.

And as much as I know that it will happen one of these days, I can't help but long for it. Days are busy with T Ball and swimming pools, grocery shopping and house showings, yard work and baths. My Maxwell is growing all too quickly. Every time he cries for me in the night, (yes he still gets up 2 or 3 times a night) I swear he's a little bit bigger than the last time I held him. As sleep deprived as I am, always, I honestly don't mind waking for his cries each time. The same wakings that filled me with such frustration with Scarlett, give me something more now with Maxwell. Somehow through my exhausted state and sleepy eyes, I feel his warmth and love as I hold him. Scarlett turned 5 in May and it has been hard for me to accept. Although I have no other choice, really. Her rapid pace of growing has taught me to slow down with Maxwell. To soak up every single moment and enjoy them. In the past I have rushed and longed for each new step that they would take. These children of mine bring me so much joy and it goes by so quickly that I have learned to savor it.

In between our schedules and "must do's" we manage to find a little fun. Ty would agree when I admit that I indulge way too much in outdoor dining. It is a weakness of mine. There is something so relaxing about having someone else feed you food and cater to you in an outdoor setting...I love it. We try to do everything together around here. Whether it's picking out flowers and shrubs for the house or cleaning up around the house. I've found new ways to include my Scarlett, and sometimes Maxwell, in most everything. She loves this.

On Mother's Day, Ty had flowers delivered to me. I've told him a hundred times not to buy me flowers. They just die after all....but none the less, he knows that I love surprises and I still smiled when they showed up at my door. Scarlett insisted that they make me breakfast in bed. I did not object. So Ty took Maxwell and Scarlett, fed them... all while managing to cook me up some pancakes and coffee. Scarlett made me the sweetest home-made note. They always begin with "Dear Love Mama," and I adore them. My box of Scarlett Things is full to the brim.

Ty and I decided that we need to get back into the routine of AT LEAST monthly date nights. So we'll try and cram that into our already jam-packed summer schedule. It's important to have that alone time where we can be just husband and wife and not just Mama and Daddy. Therefore, we are making it a point to do this. Life keeps on rolling by around here. Ty is working hard and I'm selling houses. With Ty's job, we never know when things will change. We have been lucky to be here as long as we have. Travel was always an option. This isn't always easy to accept. With Scarlett starting Kindergarten and having my New York Real Estate License, it's hard to imagine leaving. I try to have faith that whatever is meant to happen will. And I leave it in God's hands.....Meanwhile, we'll be enjoying summer.

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