Thursday, February 25, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

Valentine's Day this year was pretty low key. The kids woke up nice and early just like every other day and we ate pancakes like every other Sunday morning. Scarlett requests this EVERY. single. Sunday. We've learned to embrace it. I got the kids each a bag of goodies. Scarlett got some unicorn stuffed animals and The Land Before Time movie that she has been asking for. She's watched it about 11 times since then. Maxwell got a toy airplane, a lovey for sleep training and a board book. He's really into those lately! They loved their little treats and were really appreciative. I enjoy making every holiday special for them. I try not to overdo it but I like to give them special things to look forward to. My mother always did that for us and I remember that still.  I want them to remember the same. I want them to know that I thought about them and took some time to do something for them. Maybe next year I will get creative and make them something.

It was probably one of the coldest days this year. Ty made reservations to one of my favs, Prime at Saratoga National. We had fine dining, hot toddy's and roasted Marshmallows over our own private fire to make S'mores. They never disappoint. It was probably the first date night we've had in awhile. We really need to work on doing that more often. As you can see, I was really into the lovely cut outs on this awesome dress that I actually borrowed from my dear friend since I didn't even have time to go out and buy something to wear...tragedy I know. Thank you again! ;) And I documented this lovely dress with about 3 different bathroom pictures....luckily for me the Ladies Room was classy and made these photos a little less

Valentine's Day wasn't over the top this year. We never really go all out for it. It's only a made up day that is probably more for retail than anything but we still utilized it to do something different. This year Ty and I actually got each other something small, which we didn't do last year....or the year before if I recall correctly. Ironically we both got each other cologne/perfume. I found this so funny. So know we both smell good. Win win.


  1. You look great, oh what I wouldnt do for a date night with my partner:) It has been around a year at this stage:)


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