Monday, February 29, 2016

Pieces of Life Lately.

 My girl requested these faux glasses from Target. I think they are the sweetest. then she picked the bangles.
 At 8 months old, this handsome boy is 25 lbs of love. Really Maxwell, you are a heart throb.
 We braved the crowds and went to Chowder Fest 2016!! Lines were worse than Disney for a cup of chowder!!!!!! Needless to say we only tried one cup of chowder.
 So we got Face Painted instead....
 My BeanTown girl and an unamused Maxwell.
This photo is one of my all time favorites of these two. Shows their personalities to a T. Scarlett so silly and free. Maxwell such an old soul.
Walks with Cousins.
heart melting...
The teenage workers at the Bowling Ally told me they loved my outfit. I wasn't sure whether I should take it as a compliment or go home and change..... I guess I'm still cool at 31.
After missing the last Birthday Party that we were invited to, #momfail I made sure that we made it to a friends Bowling Party. First time bowling for Scarlett.
This is Scarlett's little friend from school. He is just the sweetest to her. I enjoyed watching her bowl. After she knocked the pins down, he would say good job and rub her back. 
Bumper Cars!
Driving Fast Cars with Daddy. 
This was their first bath together. I was dying over all the splashing going on. When Scarlett was little, she always hated splashing. She wanted nothing splashing in her face. Maxwell on the other hand has no problem with this. 

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