Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Soccer Mom.

Since Scarlett was a little girl, I'm talking 2 years old, I have wanted to expose her to all kinds of different outlets. I never had many chances as a kid to do this and it is one of my regrets looking back. I wish I had played more sports and been involved in activities as a team. I think it is great interaction and builds teamwork skills. When Scarlett was 2, I started her with gymnastics. It was kind of a flop. She was scared to do much of the things that they were doing. Then we tried dance. Ballet and tap to be exact. She loved it at first but we ended up stopping mid-season as it conflicted with her nap time. DON'T MESS WITH A TWO YEAR OLD'S NAP! I'm just warning you. Ha ha.
I thought we could try it again when she's a bit older. This year, I asked her if she wanted to try soccer or ballet again. I could almost guess what her response was going to be. 

So I signed her up and she started soccer this fall. She loved it! The running, the kicking, the energy and of course the team cheers at the end. Her coach was great and she got a lot out of this season. Granted, soccer at 4 is limited. After teaching them their entire lives to share and wait their turn, now we look to them and say, "Steal the ball!" There were conversations like this:

"You go after the ball and take it from the opposite team, Scarlett."
"But Mama, it's not polite to steal."
"I know but this is just a game Scarlett, you can take the ball during soccer."
"But Mama, that's not sharing."

As you can see....Confusion set in a bit at first but by the end of the season, I think Scarlett got a little more used to the idea that it was okay during a game.  She loved soccer this year and I am very interested to see her play other sports and possibly soccer again in the future. Scarlett cracks me up with the things she says. This one is going down in the books:
"Mama, I love my trophy! I'm going to polish it every day!" 
Here's some photos of my little #2

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