Saturday, November 7, 2015

One Fall Day.

We took a little trip to Elm's Farm a couple weeks back. Elm's Farm is a fun little place where families can play and enjoy the outdoors and all that Fall has to offer. There was live music, hay rides, all sorts of fun kids games and activities, pumpkin picking and snacks. There was no apple picking but we were okay with that since we did that the weekend before. It was a gorgeous day and it was screaming for us to, Go outside! 
So we did.  
There was a line a mile long to get in but we waited anyway. Once inside, Scarlett had a blast jumping on the Jumping pillow and practicing her best farmer face. (See below) We also took a hay ride and grabbed a bag full of apple cider donuts that I was more interested in stuffing my face with than taking a photo of....hence no photos of those delicious morsels. Scarlett even did her very first zip line!!! I was so nervous that I didn't get a picture but I did catch it on video for the memory book. We had a lot of fun. The weather has been so nice here in New York. It's rare that it is high 60's low 70's in November. But I'll take it with no complaints! Hope you all got to get out and do some fun fall things as well. 

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