Friday, November 20, 2015

Scarlett Says

Scarlett: Mama, we should change baby brother's name.
Me: Oh yeah? To what?
Scarlett: We should call him Tarzan.

(While Ty tries to get the elastic out of her hair for bath time) 
Scarlett: Daddy, I'm going to have to tell Mama that she can't put top knots in my hair anymore because you don't know how to take them out. 

Me: So help me God, you better stop crying in this car before you wake your brother!
Scarlett: He's not going to help you Mama because He's in the sky watching and YOUR being naughty.
Me:..........(Way to make me rethink things my Scarlett.)

While going through the carwash.
Scarlett: AHHHHHH!!!!! These look like Ursula's testicles!!
(I look at Ty and we laugh)
Me: I think you mean TENTacles.
Scarlett: No, I mean testicles.

Scarlett after receiving a trophy at Soccer: "I am going to polish the trophy every day!"

At the grocery store:
Me: Oh man, they don't have Daddy's coffee flavor.
Scarlett: Well, looks like he'll just have to drink wine.

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