Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Months.

Mr. Maxwell Theodore.You are 5 months old now. Although, one might argue that you are 12 months. That is the size clothing that you fit in now. I bought you some really cute 9 months overalls for family photos and when we squeezed you in them yesterday, it looked like this.....

You are the sweetest boy. I love every roll on your chubby little body. You have started some foods as of lately. You love bananas, pears, rice and oatmeal. You are NOT a fan of chicken. But we keep taste testing. You are going to be sitting up any day now. That is a feat in itself since your body weighs about 21 lbs now. We recently moved you to your own room. Hallelujah you sleep so much better now. I think this is the mistake that I made with your sister. She slept in our bedroom for a year. And she NEVER slept well. But you my boy, are on your way to being a better sleeper. I can sense it. You are cooing and making all sorts of noises these days. Daddy says he can't wait until you start talking. I think this is funny because one day home with your "Chatty Cathy" sister and we are all ready to wait for you to talk. ;)

There is something to be said about Mamas and their sons. I feel this connection with you that I know your Father has with Scarlett. Don't get me wrong, I am close to Scarlett in many ways and there are plenty of days that she only wants Mama. But Daddy and Scarlett get along in ways that I envy. Maybe because she is just like me, and Daddy is a more patient soul with her. But with you, I feel that you are more patient with me. You hold my face in the early mornings and coo to me. I love that more than you will ever know. I love just looking down at your chubby face and watching you rub my cheek. Sweetest boy.

Your hair is getting lighter and lighter. In fact, I do believe it is the color of my real hair. A dark blond. I think you may have more traits from me than we once thought. Many people swear that you look JUST like Daddy but I think you are changing. You look very similar to your sister (who coincidently looks just like her Father) but still you look different than Daddy. I'm not quite sure who you look like yet but you are a handsome Bubs, that's for sure.

I have been so blessed that I have been able to stay home with you this long. Of course I get antsy sitting around the house, once you get to know me, you will understand this about me. Still, I love being able to watch you grow. I love that I never missed a first. My little Maxwell, I cannot wait to spend holidays with you now in our family. I cannot wait to take you on vacations and watch you grow alongside your big sister who shows you so much love these days. She RUNS to you when you wake up crying from your nap. She talks to you and keeps you entertained. You may not know it yet, but she is your best friend.

My love, you are the King of my Castle, that's for sure. You complete me.

Love, Mama


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