Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pieces of September.

Some Mini Golf. Babies don't stop us. 
Rolls FOR DAYS! This boy and his chubs has me all <3
Scarlett's Little Safari Top from H&M. 
Maxwell only got to wear this adorable denim top only once because he just grows too quickly! But it was cute while it fit him :)
A night out for Mommy.
He's got his Father's look. So Serious. Ha ha. 
Auntie Kalin came to visit. And now we miss her.

These two making me smile.
They rent these ride-on animals out at the Mall. What an awesome idea! She picked this Tiger and rode him ALL over that mall. 
My chubby Bubs.

Oh September, where did you go? I barely blinked and it is now October. We had fun. Most of September was unusually warm. I just bought my Mums and pumpkins this week. I am excited for October. But not for the weather. I'm not too fond of Fall. I'm not sure if it's because I endured not one but two long Fall's being EXTREMELY sick from morning sickness. Or maybe it's because I hate to see the green disappear knowing that the frigid temps are on their way. Either way, I just don't feel all warm and fuzzy when I think about Fall. I mean, the Foliage is gorgeous and I do like a bit of cool after a hot summer. I just can't seem to get myself to completely love this beauty of a season.

We did so much in this month. Hence why it went by so quickly. We had a handful of visitors, which I love. We did packed every weekend full of fun things. I am prepping for next week. I begin classes and with two little ones, there is so much to prep for. Luckily I am a planner and have everything under control. Hoping my little Maxwell takes leaving me for 8 hours at a time okay. I'm feeling like I'm going to have a hard time with it as well. I keep reminding myself that it's 3 days a week and only temporary. Anyhow, September of 2015 is going down in the books as a good month.


  1. awe both so cute, Maxwell looks soooooo much like his daddy:) xxx

  2. Love your style so much! You look so great :D If you are interested in winning a Zara bag you can check out our competition


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