Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Pieces: The End of Winter 2015.

Snow days.
Weekend ritual lately: Breakfast in this delicious, cozy diner.
He puts together her bed while she wrestles a.....crocodile.

First time we've seen the ground bare in a long time! Thankful that Spring is almost here.

When she's not feeling well, she helps kids feel better on Pepi Doctor, her new favorite app. 
My little Wednesday Adams...loves raw vegetables over cooked vegetables and loves brushing her teeth. 
Dinner at El Mexicano. She's a horse lover. She insisted I take a photo of her hugging the horsey.
She'll only take a bath in my tub lately...


  1. awwwwww love this post! I used to follow you when i was back on blogger by now im on wordpress! I always loved your blog! My and your hubby also have the same last name! Anywho i just now got back to blogging so congrats on your new baby to be! Also do you ever host giveaways??? I have a great kids shop on ETSY if you are interested in maybe hosting a review/giveaway


Thank you for all your comments & kind words!! I reply in the comments section so check back if you have a question :) xo