Monday, February 9, 2015

Pieces of The Weekend.

I'm pretty sure that everyone here in New York and New England for that matter, is feeling that "Cabin Fever". 

We've had 3 major snow storms in the last 3 weeks and news of more on the way. Since we can't avoid it, we might as well make the best of it. Which is exactly what we decided to do this past weekend. Sunday is our family day, that is, when Ty isn't working. We found out that he didn't have to work and I decided that it was a good day to just head out on the road and go....anywhere but home! Ty was a little apprehensive of driving out when a storm was on the way. I told him to embrace the moment because we needed to get out and do something. Anything. 
We ended up taking a short trip to the Outlets and even though it was just a shopping trip, we had fun. Perfect little day out of the house. Of course we had to stop multiple times to let Scarlett pee after we told her not to drink all of her drink and she decided it was a good idea to do it anyway. But we try and make the most of all the times we have together and so we looked at brochures and checked out the snowy scenery at the rest stops. 

We grabbed some lunch at the Food Court. We haven't eaten fast food in quite some time. I can't say that I miss it all that much. Can't say that it makes me feel that good after either. But Scarlett enjoyed her nuggets and fries just the same. We got bag loads of stuff for little to nothing. And that is my kind of shopping. Scarlett got some of the cutest springs clothes, I got shoes and a couple flowy shirts that I hope will fit me throughout this pregnancy and some cute spring dresses. Ty, Mr. I hate buying clothes, even bought some new things. And of course, baby boy got some clothes too. 

Scarlett fell asleep half way through the shopping trip and we took advantage of the shopping peace, hand in hand. ;) Those moments are golden. We made it home just before the snow started to get heavy.  Counted a few accidents and hoped that everyone was okay. We spent the rest of the evening watching movies and eating snacks. The best way you can end a weekend. 

Counting her ABC's while she washes her hands.


  1. Love those flats!


  2. You are an adorable pregnant mommy. And those roads look terrifying! I'm a mess when driving in the snow.


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