Wednesday, February 4, 2015

23 Weeks.

I feel as though this pregnancy is flying by. Not like the first time where I anticipated each new moment. I was always anxious for the next stage. Wondering what it would be like.  This time, I barely have time to think and for the most part, I know what each new month holds. I think this happens with the second child. Recognizing this makes me feel indifferent. In some ways, I am glad that it going by quickly. I have mentioned before that pregnancy isn't really my cup of tea. I wish that I felt different about it. I wish I could enjoy the passion about holding a life inside me. I guess in ways I do. Although I find myself longing to just get it over with and be able to hold my little babe. And on the other hand, I realize that there is a grand possibility that this will be the very last time that I will ever experience this phenomenon. The last time that I will feel a little foot kick inside me. The last time that I will ever be part of creating one of the most amazing processes in this big, ole' world...the last time that I get to experience this chapter in life.

And this makes me sad. 

I look at my sweet Scarlett and my heart melts at the little, loving individual that she has become. She is caring and nurturing. She thinks of others. She is independent and I know that she will stand strong when others try to influence her. She is smart and vibrant. Outgoing and vivacious, not shy like I was. I am proud to be her Mother. To think that soon I will have another little one to watch grow, makes my heart so full. I wonder what he'll be like. I wonder if he'll look like me? I daydream about how Scarlett will love him dearly. How she will be protective of him and fight for him. And one day, he'll return the favor to her. They will have each other through this life, to learn from and to love. For that I am grateful. As I approach the third trimester, I find myself trying to slow time. Trying to soak in the moments and enjoy special things with Scarlett as an only child before our new little one arrives.

These beautiful photos were taken by the talented Peter Castillo. Thank you Peter for helping me to capture this moment in our lives. 


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Lauren on #2! So happy for You! Ps I don't think I hv the right number for you:( so I'm very thankful for your blog ( I check it out when I miss you!!! Love you ALWAYS<3:-*


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