Wednesday, February 25, 2015

26 weeks & Picking a Name.

3 months to go. I can't believe I'm already starting my third trimester here in a week. I keep saying this but, this pregnancy is flying by. I'm trying to enjoy the last of what is known as the "Happy Trimester". Ya know, the one where you aren't too big and are feeling the best you probably will your entire pregnancy. I'm finding that this baby boy likes to do a number on my back. What I was experiencing with Scarlett in the last month, I already feel now. I've been trying to work out as much as possible. I'm still doing the Tracy Anderson Project, which I love! I'm also going through quite the phase of nesting. Ty wants to kill me, (sorry babe) but I want to repaint our entire kitchen, entryway and dining room. I'm over the red in the kitchen. I'm thinking of a light grey or even….white. (Don't tell my husband I said that). He thinks I like white too much and that just might be true. This weekend we rearranged the whole upstairs.

Baby boy's nursery is coming along. It's been painted and arranged. I'm working on finishing that here soon so that I can get a nursery reveal up on the blog. I convinced Scarlett to take the room next to her baby brother so we are making the in-law suite (which was Scarlett's room) into a guest suite/office/art area for Scarlett. She's been so into painting lately that I want to come up with a little area where she can let her imagination soar while I work or pay bills. I'll probably post those changes soon, too.

When I found out I was pregnant, I had a rolling list of baby girl names. When we found out it was a boy, we were thrilled! But then I looked at my baby boy name list and realized it consisted of one name that I didn't really even care for that much. I looked at Ty and said, "Start thinking of names. You are naming this one." We didn't even think about it for awhile. I almost forgot I had to name this one....haha. But I was surprised that Ty has finally picked the most perfect name for this little one all on his own and surprisingly, I love it! We are keeping the name on the down low until we see his little face....although I may give you some hints here or there ;)

All and all, things have been going well. Baby is right on track and besides my ribs and back hurting non-stop, I'm feeling like life is great. I try to remember all the blessings instead of the temporary pains that are ailing me. I'm planning showers and parties, summer activities and vacations. Busy is how I like to be….such a great time in life right now. Now if I could only keep Scarlett healthy for the next month. (She had the stomach bug last week and a bad chest cold this week) Spring, please hurry!

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  1. haha "over the red" we painted one wall in my son Reece's room red, then the rest of the house a light grey and I am over the grey AND red now. I have not broke it to my partner yet:) Looking forward to hearing little guys name. We had endless names picked out, I loved Harry, Adam & partner had other ideas, when he arrived we decided on Reece, so I guess you are right to wait and see his little face..awexx


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