Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Last Week of Winter.

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My Coat: JC Penny
Kalin's Coat: Old Navy
Scarlett's Coat: Gap (Second-Hand)

Weekends are what we look forward to around here lately; some time to enjoy ourselves and spend some time together. We can feel Spring trying to make it's presence. I can't say it enough: we are over winter. This winter was definitely a long one. We love boots, snow and days snuggled up on the couch watching movies but I'm yearning for a season change. I feel so lucky to be able to experience four very different seasons. Each season brings with it such beautiful changes. As much I would love to experience living in Florida or even California, my personality craves change and I think I would find myself back in the northeast sooner or later.

This weekend, we went out for breakfast and went antique hunting. We found a cute little breakfast spot on the outskirts of the city and breakfast was delicious. I have been longing for antique/thrift shops since we moved away from Massachusetts. I'm an avid thrift-shopper. A lot of things in my house are previously-owned. Mostly small furniture and decor but some clothing, too. I find it silly to pay tons of money for brand new things when you can find used things cheaper. Not to mention, the vintage stuff has so much more character. I find it intriguing to find great treasures that cost pennies.  This weekend, we discovered a small town not far away that has quite a lot of antique shops. I was pretty excited. My sister and I hunted through the town all morning. Ty put in a new wood floor in our entryway. I'm glad to be rid of the ugly, fake tile that was previously down. Speaking of which, this week, I will have a few home-improvement progress photos up. When Spring rolls around, I find myself longing to rearrange the house, finish projects and buy house plants. And COLOR! Don't forget color.  It's not long now…it's the last week of winter and I am beyond ready.


  1. Scarlett is so beautiful! and winter is a foreign word in Florida and it sucks! its always summer, summer, summer, semi summer haha


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