Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Storms + Drape Sweaters + Link Up.

Here in New York, we are in the midst of yet another snow storm. With 10" expected today, it's safe to say that the groundhog was right this year, six more weeks of winter. We are pretty used to snow well into March so it's no surprise. I just can't help long for warm days and more outdoor activities. Until then, it's boots and more cozy sweaters for us. 
 photo IMG_6518-720-2_zpsf7b552fb.jpg
Patterned Drape Sweater: ASOS


  1. Cozy sweaters are my favorite!!! Heading up to NY this weekend and hoping to get snowed in on Sunday?! ;) A girl can dream!! xx

    1. Ohhhh, have fun. Heard we are getting a big one this Sunday!!

  2. 10 inches?! Ugh, that sounds miserable! I mean, the snow looks so pretty in your pictures, if that is any consolation :) Love that cardigan!

  3. Love your Outfit and that sweater is gorgeous!

    Shannon @

  4. That sweater is fantastic. I love it. I'm about 8 hours away from you in London, Ontario and we were hit by a grand storm today too. I am so tired of it.

    Ruthie @
    Come on over xx

  5. such beautiful photos!

    stopping by from

    Alyssa B

  6. Gorgeous Look! I love your cardigan!
    Oby Grace


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