Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Pieces….& Link Up.

I haven't taken too many photos lately. And you'll notice when I have, they have been of Scarlett, of course. We've been busy adjusting to our new routine. Surprisingly, it has come more easily than I expected. It's no surprise that my days off are filled with "Scarlett things": Bringing Scarlett to the library to rent books and movies (her new thing), cuddling with her on the couch, watching her read to her stuffed animals and picnics on the living room floor. Sometimes I just watch her and think….I made her! It amazes me to this day. Work is going well. I wish I had the energy or the ability to be able to take some savvy work attire posts but the truth is, I'm lucky I can get up and get two of us ready at 6 am, never mind taking a photo of my work outfit.  By 5:30, it's dark out and I'm ready to relax. But I will get to it eventually ;) As I said, I am not a morning person. I've been trying to adjust to the early wake up calls that my alarm keeps sending me but on my days off,  I admit that I sleep until Scarlett wakes me up with an impromptu breakfast in bed from her play kitchen set. It's the sweetest thing to wake up to a play coffee and some watermelon & sausage on a plate.

Scarlett has been sick for the last two months. Yes, I do mean the last two months. Going into child care for the first time in her life, I knew that she would surely get quite a few different bugs. But I had no idea how brutal it would be. One right after the other, the colds, bugs and sicknesses keep rolling on in. Scarlett has had bronchilitis, acute upper respiratory infections, croup, 3 double ear infections colds and so on….The doctors seem to treat with antibiotics but there isn't much preventative treatment that they offer besides that. Nor do they allow the little ones to take much besides Tylenol or Ibuprofen. This time around, Scarlett has the horrible coughing. It's so bad that she can barely sleep. I did a little research and thought I'd share some of my remedies with you all. Maybe it will help one of your sick babes in the future.

I found a great website with some awesome tips, here.

Amazingly, the Vicks on the bottom of the feet- it really works! I tried this with her and the coughing reduced significantly in a matter of an hour. I haven't tried the honey yet but it's on my list of things to try.

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  1. Do you use essential oils?! My baby girls go to daycare, and I can totally relate to the sickness thing. It seems like we finally get over a cold, only to have one show up a day later. I hate pumping my babies full of antibiotics constantly too. With that being said, we have started using Thieves every night before bed as a preventative measure. Maybe I'm being optimistic, but I've seen changes.

    Also, I love your blog by the way! Your family is so beautiful :)

    1. I do have some essential oils…mostly for the steam machine. I hate the antibiotics too but she keeps getting ear infections, so it's necessary. What is Thieves? I'm interested.

    2. We use this product, which was recommended to me by a friend:

      We put a couple drops on the bottom of our feet at night before bed. My two year old has to 'do it herself', and loves helping to put it on her baby sister too!

    3. We use this product, which was recommended to me by a friend:

      We put a couple drops on the bottom of our feet at night before bed. My two year old has to 'do it herself', and loves helping to put it on her baby sister too!

  2. Poor little Scarlett, I hope she is feeling better!! She is so photogenic, just like her mommy!!! :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. The same thing happened to me when I put my child into daycare....The ear infections kept coming and coming and we ended up having to have tubes put in. However, the cough, cold, runny nose and irritated throat happens every time the weather changes! With all the ibuprofen and antibiotics we have given her with her ears, I hate having to use them again. Hyland's 4 Kids makes the BEST medicine for toddlers! It's all natural and does not contain Aspirin, Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Pseudoephedrine or Dextromethorphan! They have a great cough syrup AND a night and day formula for cough/cold! I definitely feel like I tried everything and this is the best for my daughter and it's all natural! Hope your little one feels better and maybe this helps!

  4. Maybe you should try with homeopathy. It has helped me a lot where traditionnal medecine had failed and it's quite good for strengthening our immune system. Grapefruit seed extract is great too ;)


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