Sunday, November 17, 2013

Much Love Illy.

One thing that I think is very important is supporting small businesses.
This holiday season, I teamed up with some wonderful shops to do just that. My Holiday Gift Guide sheds a light on small businesses from all over the country and even outside the US. 
Today's feature is much love illy.
much love illy
 I am simply drooling over these poppy headbands. I first fell in love with them when I spotted them on another blog a few months ago. They are so well made and very comfortable! 
This headband actually fits me as well. I may be borrowing it from Scarlett in the future (wink). I got the opportunity to ask illy a few questions below…. 
1.What inspired much love illy?
My etsy shop started out as a little card shop! So the name was based off how I signed off my letters. Then overtime as the products in my shop changed, I kept the name since I still made all my products with much love! :)

2. Favorite Holiday Tradition?
In my family, we grew up camping out in the living room on Christmas Eve and then opening up gifts at midnight. The tradition still lives on at my parents' house so whenever we spend Christmas with them, we get to continue this unique tradition!

3. Best seller in your shop currently?
The Goldenrod Poppy Garland Headband- and the baby version comes in a close second!…..if you buy the two together, you get a $5 discount- they make the perfect stocking stuffer!

illy is giving 20% off for my readers with code LAURENROX20
You can browse her shop here.

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