Tuesday, October 15, 2013

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This weekend, my sister came to visit. I always love when my sisters come and spend time with me here in New York. It is comforting to me in so many ways. We laughed, joked, hiked, cooked watched football, and just hung out enjoyed visiting. Usually when I'm with one of my sisters, it doesn't take long before I start reminiscing our childhood and all the fun times we had; the memories we still hold onto. 
I could go on naming story after story. How we built doll houses out of VHS tapes or how we bombed around in a golf cart. Built forts, and boats out of wading pools. How we teased each other and sometimes hated each other but they were ultimately my best friends....there is something about sisters. I'm so glad to have them. I think about how different and lonely life would have been without them. We have had each other through hard days as well as good times. 

As soon as these memories surface, a happiness comes over me. And then I start to think about Scarlett and how I want her be able to experience what I had. I want her to have at least one sibling to laugh with, grow with and to simply go through life with. So yes, I may be having a bit of baby fever this week. You would think that babies swaddled up in cute blankies, cooing and gurgling would give me that itch for a babe. This time, wishing for Scarlett to have what I had in my childhood gave me that longing for a small baby. I am a long term thinker. I think about how Scarlett will be in 4 years, 10 years, 30 years. 
And of course it doesn't make it any better when Scarlett tells me, "I need a baby bruber." or "I want a baby girl." How do they know at such a young age that this is a possibility? How do they know that they could have a companion to protect, hold and teach? 
They are smart little people. 
They know more than we give them credit for.

I guess when you have awesome sisters, it's kind of hard not to want that for your own children.


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  1. You and your sister are beautiful! I always wished I had a sister and by reading this post, it makes me want one even more.. You are truly lucky :)

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  2. Eeeeek. Mine started doing the same thing about 6 months ago.... wouldn't ya know, just found out I'm 8 weeks... I'm terrified but I want her to have a life long friend like I have in my sis, so I guess we shall see!


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