Friday, August 2, 2013

Our Vintage Wedding Part II: The Ceremony

Here is Part II of our wedding, The Ceremony. Again, our wonderful photos were taken by the talented Todd Thamer. You can find out more info about him here.  Also, the music that I add to each part of the wedding posts are all songs that were played at our reception, as well.

(My favorite photo above.)

Part I Photos:  HERE
Part III Photos: HERE


  1. Seriously soo beautiful! Congrats on such a wonderful wedding!

  2. Ok so many things. Scarlett looks adorable. The bridesmaid dresses are awesome. And oh my at the way Ty is looking at you, it gave me chills. Beautiful day.

  3. lauren, these photos are so beautiful. you are stunning.
    i'm so happy your day was everything you wanted it to be. <3<3<3
    scarlett's hair, dress...i can't take it. :)

  4. Your entire wedding looks absolutely gorgeous! From start to finish. You look beyond beautiful! You have a lot of awesome moments captured! Love the songs you chose as well :)


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