Sunday, August 4, 2013


It is 7 pm and I am beyond exhausted. I think the only reason I am not asleep at this very moment is the fact that I am still swaying back and forth like a buoy. We just spent the day on the boat with Ty's family. It was definitely a memorable day. Not long after launching into the water, we got caught in a storm of torrential rains and winds. It passed quickly and when the sun came out, we stripped down to our bathing suits, hung up our clothes to dry and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Lunch on the water was peaceful and relaxing. Yesterday was fun as well. Thanks to Ty's company, we got to view the horse races from a different view. We got the royal treatment in the luxury box at the horse races. After a day filled with first class foods, private betting booths and the best view of the track, we dined outside with family who traveled in from Vermont and then stopped to let Scarlett dance to a musician on the way home. Another great weekend has passed.

And now Monday stares me in the face again. Oh how I hate Mondays. This is coming from a girl who doesn't even have to go to work on Mondays. Ha ha. Mondays are such a drag after fun-filled weekends. But I guess I will get the house in order, do about 5 loads of laundry so Scarlett and I can pack up and be ready to travel again on Wednesday. I have the honors of being in my dear friend's wedding this coming weekend in Massachusetts. She was my bridesmaid this June and now I'm returning the favor on Saturday ;)  I'm leaving you with a few pieces of our week.

Ps. I hope you all have enjoyed the wedding photos I posted earlier. I have more to post this week!
I swear she wasn't scared. 

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Monday Bloom


  1. You and you daughter are beautiful! thanks for sharing the pictures!

    Bugs and Beans

  2. the look of scarlett's face while she's behind the wheel - so sweet - so looks so intrigied and proud. and that last photo - LOVE!!! you both are gorgeous! what a wonderful and relaxing day!
    happy monday! <3<3<3

  3. I love the photo of your daughter steering the boat : ) Super cute.


  4. We love being on the water!! That last photo of your daughter is adorable. She's such a cutie.

  5. All you ladies look gorgeous! Love the bean's dress!


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