Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Letter to My Readers.

Dear Readers,

I have been feeling a little guilty lately and decided that I wanted to write this. I read comments and emails that I receive weekly and they often bring me to tears. The love and appreciation from my readers never goes without notice. The thing is, I don't always have the time to respond to each and every one. Sometimes, okay most times, I feel guilty for this. Blogging can be very time consuming. Generally, it comes easy for me to incorporate blogging in my life. But at times, the little parts of blogging, (like replying to comments and checking out other blogs), can consume more of my time than I intend. Precious time.

I blog because I love to express myself and put pieces of us together to reflect on later in life. I blog because I love to write...and in return, I love inspiring or helping others.

The reality of it is, sometimes you have to prioritize your life. You have to decide what is most important and what comes in second. After recognizing that, you have to choose where to spend your attention and time. This blog means nothing to me if I look back and realize I missed crucial milestones with Scarlett or neglected Ty. In fact, this blog's purpose is to document those great memories. Since I started blogging, I actually take more photos & remember more memories. With that said, I whole-heartedly love that people actually come here and take the time to read my words. It means a lot to me.  Truly.  This is where it becomes difficult. Although I love my readers,  I choose to spend most of my time, with Scarlett or my family, living. 

I usually pick one day a week to respond to comments & e-mails. When I get extra time, I definitely do read other blogs, especially the ones who take the time to comment on mine. Of course I respond quicker to time sensitive subjects, but the point is, replying to comments, emails, reading other blogs etc. those things are not my priority. (If only the day was longer!)

I am writing this because I want you all to know that I read each and every comment. At night, after Scarlett has gone to sleep, I lay in bed and read all of these wonderful compliments, sweet words and thoughtful comments. There are times when it makes my day. With that small amount of time that I have left, instead of responding to every comment, I blog or write. I blog to give my wonderful readers more content and even more importantly, I write or post for myself. I hope that this will help readers understand where I am coming from. I hope that when they post a comment, they realize that I do read each one and that it fills my heart. If I don't get a chance to reply, I hope that you will not find it rude but know that I am choosing to take time to write more material for my readers and myself, instead of just acknowledging past posts.

 I wanted to say all of this because as my blog grows, it becomes harder to reply.

I, once again, want to take the time now to say thank you, thank you, thank you to all my readers and those of you who take time out your precious day to read and comment. It means more than you will know. I thank you for understanding that I am busy living and that even though I don't always get to respond right away, or at all sometimes, I hold your words close to my heart. They give me motivation and the courage to write all that is on my heart and give you more. I have been blessed that in the year I have been blogging, I haven' t had one negative comment.

My blog is still small & growing, but the love I receive is big. 

With love,


PS. Although I adore music and it is a huge part of my life, after a suggestion, I decided to get rid of the automatic music that plays on my blog. I love the way music makes words come alive. So instead, I am incorporating little music players here or there that you can play if you wish to.

Did you all like the automatic music or is this a better idea?


  1. This is a really difficuilt Balance. I too struggle to find a way to read all the blogs I want to read and comment and return emails. I go through phases where I'll be able to do it mire readily than others. Obviously the most important thing I'd your family. Never question that!!! I think it's nice you wrote this though. It will help people understand where your coming from!
    I think optional music is a much bette way to go. Alot of people nay read blogs when they are at work or their kids are sleeping and to accidentally have the volume up too high on the laptop can really cause problems. I always read blogs in silence, the music distracts me too much:)
    Have a great weekend Lauren!!!
    Xoxo Hanna

  2. blogging is amazing, but you are so right in having priorities. must find a balance, which can be tough at times! it can be hard to respond to all comments, especially when its a simple thank you!
    I think having the optional music is better. I listen to music when I'm on my computer so automatic music interferes. some people probably like it tho.

  3. I absolutely LOVE blogging, but is time consuming. I can't imagine what it's like for bloggers with bigger more successful blogs than mine. But I do it because I love it, which I think is always important that we remember why we blog and try not to let ourselves get stressed out about not blogging enough, replying enough, etc. I think you have a wonderful blog here and I have enjoyed watching your blog grow so quickly.

    With the music, I do prefer having the music optional. Sometimes I would listen to it, sometimes not. It depending on who was in the room with me and if they were watching a movie or something while I was catching up on blogs. However, I do love that you will still have music as an option on here!!
    Sorry I just wrote you a book here...I talk too much, gotta work on fixing that! LOL - Nicole from

  4. Well said! I know exactly how you feel when it comes to actually living life and enjoying your loved ones around you rather than keeping your head on the computer screen.
    Love your blog and I love how you express yourself here!
    Have a great day little mama and enjoy your littles. :)

  5. I've never been one to listen to music and read, but I can honestly say that your music soothes me. I actually wrote down every song you had listed in your automatic player. When coming to your blog, I always shut my music off and listened to yours and felt like I was really with you when you were writing. Every time I blog, there is always music playing, so it felt all one in the same, if that makes any sense?


  6. You are right to have your family your first priority! Don't beat yourself up about it. xoxox

  7. i always tell my husband, "no one is ever going to look back on their life and say they spent too much time with their family!" unfortunately, when wisdom sets in with age most people are filled with regret over what time took away, and what they didn't invest in. it's obvious you're a deep thinker and feeler, and a very passionate woman. i'm glad for your family, and you, that those gifts will be focused where they should be. and when gifts are used where they should be, everything else will often fall into place!

    and please, don't respond :)

  8. Lauren, I love your honesty. I can very much relate to the reasons you keep a blog...for yourself and your family...I think it will be amazing to have and always be able to turn to and look back on. You're so sweet to reply to comments when you do. I admit, I do not usually reply a lot. There are so many of us who you have inspired with your realness and beautiful family. Keep doing what you're doing. I love both ideas...of automatic music and the players. I do music videos now but sometimes contemplate putting a player back. Hope you have a sweet weekend.

  9. I love your blog so much and you seem so down to earth!! xo

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  10. One of the things I looked forward to was opening an email and getting to listen to music as I read the post. I was wondering where it had went ;)

    I feel that it's "your" blog, so you should make the decision on whether to keep it or not, but thank you for at least leaving it as an "option". I am absolutely in love with your blog, and thank you for the time you put in to making such a wonderful blog to read ♥


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