Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Little Bit Of Love.

This Valentine's Day, I wanted to get Ty something thoughtful & inexpensive. 
Valentine's Day is one month away!
We just moved into our 2nd home & are saving for our wedding this June. We don't have a lot of money to be pouring into material gifts. And really, we have everything that we need. I wanted to find something that would be romantic and thoughtful.

Running out of ideas, I was thinking of just bringing him out for dinner. Then, (on cue it seemed), Datevitation contacted me & wanted me to try out one of their love coupon books. I was skeptical of the idea of a coupon book. It seemed cliche. As I looked into their website, I was really impressed to find that their love books were super cute & personalized to each individual couple.
Datevitation is a family business run by the husband-wife team of Alex & Olga Karpman.
(I love that part. How romantic....)
Unlike the pre-packaged ones that you buy in the store, you get to pick the dates & you can customize the text to your liking. Making mine was easy as pie. I made it right on their website. Simple step-by-step instructions and they shipped it out that week in a ready to give box!

I picked dates that I knew Ty would love...
 There were literally over 200 creative date ideas to choose from stargazing to sky-diving and even steamy adult-only activities. There are also 60 cover options to give for anything from birthdays to Valentine's Day to just a thoughtful love gift. I'm seeing these love books everywhere now!  I am so excited that I got the chance to make one of these fun little booklets for Ty. Because of the personalization,  I know without a doubt, that he will actually use them.
I put mine in a gift bag with another little gift that I bought him (with the help of Victoria Secret)....perfect Valentine's gift!

Want to Take a look? Go HERE.
Use Code: LAURENREBECCA for $5.00 off your purchase this month.

Today, Datevitation is giving away a FREE custom love coupon book to one of you!! You will get to personalize your own thoughtful, heartfelt love coupon book.
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  1. Love this idea. It's too bad they don't ship to Canada!!

  2. What a fun neat idea!! I'm sure he is going to love it!!! I can't believe it really is a month away. Goodness golly!!!!

  3. I've been seeing these little books everywhere and thin they are so cute. I gave my husband something similar for an anniversary one time but they were a bit naughty I think:) Are we still swapping buttons? Great pics too! What color are Scarlette's eyes? Mine are also blue and my husband's brown so our kids have hazel and green:) xoxoxo

  4. very fun! new follower from the gfc hop!

  5. these are the best coupon books i've ever seen! thanks for sharing! i can't believe valentine's day is only a month away!

    love your blog and am excited to read more! now following :)

    would love if you stopped by mine!

  6. cute idea!! love your blog, and now following! XO

  7. What a cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Ok these are so stinkin cute! I am ordering one tomorrow!! Well maybe I will wait and see if I win your give away first ha! ;)

  9. So cool idea!!! :D

    You look so happy together! <3

  10. how fun. i love the idea of making your own =) and you guys are as cute as ever!


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