Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Closet Mess.

It's not a secret. I need some serious organization in my closet room. I'm a little embarrased to show you these before photos but here goes... This room hasn't changed much since the day we moved in. 

My shoes are all toppled together in one corner, my purses are still in boxes and half of my clothes & shoes are still in Massachusetts because I don't want to bring more stuff here when the things I do have here don't even have a proper place! Summer stuff hasn't been unpacked & on top of that, Scarlett's shoes are overtaking my room now, too. Ty and I made a trip to Lowe's today to map out a plan for my closet room. Hopefully Ty can build me something wonderful because this just isn't working! It's a small room but I think with the right layout, I....err, I mean Ty, can manage to make things work in here. 

I'm thinking I will need:
A shoe wall of some sort
lots of space to hang clothes
a top shelf for purses
jewelry & scarf organization
a nice new center rug
standing mirror
 a cute ottoman for seating
& a few decorative pieces like window treatment etc.


  1. Well, I'm quiet happy to tell you that my closet looks like that all the time so don't worry about it! Actually it's worse:)
    I am soooo envious your lovey is going to build you Sonething lovely!!!!! Happy weekend;) thanks for keeping up the swap. I am really enjoying your blog and so glad we met!!!!

  2. Ohh I'd love a closet 'room'. We have a closet (not a room) but its very old and needs a renovation! I've squeezed in as much as possible in the meantime!

    Good luck with the new design!

    Aanika from The Active Mum xo

  3. My closet is a mess too. Shoes everywhere & bare hangers because all of my clothes are in the laundry room. Oops.


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