Friday, December 7, 2012

Around Here.

In these crazy days of moving before the holidays, I sometimes get wrapped up in all that needs to get accomplished.
The packing, the painting, the planning, etc.

Scarlett slows me down when I need it the most. 
Scarlett is a very affectionate, caring toddler. She swaddles her baby dolls,
she rocks them & gives them hugs often.  
I love the days when Scarlett is especially loving. The days when she gives me kisses or drags me to the window to look at "trees" and the "sky"

Scarlett turned 19 months on the 4th of December. 
I look at this small person who went from baby to little girl overnight, it seemed.
I love that she is becoming such a kind-hearted, polite girl.
It makes me thankful to have this little person to slow me down when my head is spinning.
It makes me proud to be her Mama....

 Bunny Shirt: H&M


  1. those pictures of you two are soooooo adorable. so much love! and i love her bunny shirt. super cute!

  2. i love these pictures of you two, so sweet.

  3. What a sweet post!! I love the first pic of her peeking out the window...well I love all of the pics but that one is extra cute!

    Styled By The Moon

  4. What sweet photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  5. She has to be a reflection of the love that she receives from you two. Give yourself a pat on the back... ;-)

  6. I can totally relate! Nothing is more important than time with my family! :)

  7. So cute!!!! I love reading about you and your baby girl!!!!

  8. What a beautiful little girl. Love the sweet moments captured in these pics. So special!


  9. Absolutely adorable pictures! Stopping by from ETC.

  10. I am so grateful for babies to simply slow us down!

  11. It's amazing just how grounded our little people can make us :) There's an abundance of 'love' in your pictures :) I'm glad I found your lovely space.

    Sophie xo


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