Monday, August 27, 2012

My Vintage Finds.

This weekend, Ty had a Charity Bike Ride with his MC club. So we made the trip back to Massachusetts, again. 
While he was riding his motorcycle around all day, Scarlett and I packed up 
our things and went on an all day flea market trip. We also stopped at a town tag sale and antique shop. 
As we are cleaning out our house and getting rid of old things, Ty is ever so happy that I am filling it
back up with new finds. Haha. I found some great stuff! I have a wee bit of an addiction to flea markets, antiques & thrifting.  
We came home with a trunk packed with goodies! Proof that not everything good is expensive.
 Vintage Plates & mugs:
I have been looking around the web & Etsy. A set of 4 vintage plates goes 
for as much as $30.00!! I found all 20 of these plates & 3 vintage mugs for
$6.00 at a tag sale. Ohhh la la. 

 I searched the web to find out what kind of vintage mugs these were. I 
picked these two mugs up simply because they were too cute & I thought Scarlett would 
love to play with them. They are plastic, but must be worth more than $5.00,
 (which is what I got them both for). If anyone knows anything about them, let me know.

 I saw this very Vintage Magic Krispy Kan Tin on Etsy for almost $30. I 
thrifted this at a town tag sale for $5.00! How cute?!

 These ottomans can be pretty expensive whether they are vintage or new.
I'd say if I bought this mid-century stool at a antique shop, I'd pay over $50.00.
What did I find this for? For free!! At the end of flea markets, you'd be surprised 
what you can find for free. A little baking soda and it shines like new.

 Green & Tan Leather Tote: 
Great for a carry on or just to pack. I bought for 50 cents!

 Vintage Step stool Chairs can range from $70.00 up. 
Although it had a bit of a rip in it, I thought this turquoise one, had character.
 I grabbed it for $5.00. Great to put plants on. 

 Vintage Napkins:
50 cents.

Vintage oval wooden Bowl:
Look at the price of these Large Wooden Vintage Bowls HERE.
I paid $3.00 for mine at an antique sale. 

I needed a bookcase for Scarlett's growing collection of books. 
I bought this wooden shelf at the flea market for $15.00. 

Suede moccasins in Scarlett's Size:

I also bought 2 purses, 3 pairs of vintage shoes, vintage linens, & a large bunny rocker
all for $30.00. (Photos of those in future posts) I found all of my wedding centerpieces for 
$25.00. I'd say it was a very successful trip.

PS. This Wednesday, My first ever Group Giveaway with some great prizes!!


  1. The mug with the boy looks like the Campbell's Soup boy.

  2. oooh great finds!

  3. wow, lots of great finds!! im jealous!

  4. So many fun those plates!
    The ottoman and step stool are so neat - love the colors!
    Have a relaxing Monday!

  5. I can't believe that turquoise step stool was $5. That color is one of the hardest ones to find.

  6. Talk about a bargin shopper there, You got some really great finds!!!

  7. really digging the plates, especially the colors! great finds.

  8. AMAZING!!! You are the queen!!
    Thank you for linking up with us today!! ♥

  9. I love the vintage turquoise step stool! I recently found one in red at my local flea market! Great find!

  10. love these finds! found you via thrifty thursday...feel free to link up here too!

  11. Love the ottoman and step-stool chair. So fabulous! I need a find like that. :-)

    Today I am writing about a vintage ring I found. So fun! I created a whole saga to go along with it.


  12. Hello there! I am one of the co-hosts for the thrifty link up party over at Lara's vintage! Nice to meet you!! Love your finds!! Take care! XoXo, Crystal from Billie Jean blog

  13. Wow great finds!!! Thanks for linking up!!
    xo sandra

  14. The plates with the white flowers look eerily familiar. I think my mom had those or something similar when I was a kid. Also, my grandmother had a step stool like that one. I have a pic of me sitting on it in her kitchen.

  15. :gasp: that ottoman... i'm so jealous you found it for free!!

  16. I found you through the Frugal Friday link up, and I'm so impressed with your eye for great finds. This inspires me to get out there and see what steals I can nab. Thanks.


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