Friday, August 24, 2012

A Girl's Weekend.

I never got around to telling you about my girl's weekend...
Since it's almost the weekend again, here's how it went.
A couple of my good friends (Erin & Aleta) from Massachusetts, and I all planned a weekend in Ogunquit Maine. I picked the location. -Had I thought it over better, I would have picked somewhere a bit closer.- It took me 5 hours to get from New York to Maine. But none-the-less, I made the haul and met them early Saturday. We had lunch by the beautiful sea and then did some silly girl things at the amusement park in York. We were 10 years old again, riding the Carousel and screaming on the, rather fast, Ferris wheel. After, we made our way back to the hotel to change and get ready for a night out. 

Our night out started at Gypsy's Restaurant where we indulged in tapas and delicious drinks. We made our way through town shopping and eventually ended up at a, locally known, gay bar. We really didn't know what to expect for our entertainment that night, but it turned out that we were at the perfect spot. It just so happened that the bar we were at, was having a comedian that night. Why not, right? We bought tickets. After talking to a couple of regulars, they assured us that if we sat in the front, we wouldn't get picked on as much. So, we took our seats as close to the front as we could get and waited for the show to start. Yeah, we were set up.

We each got picked on and ripped apart by the hilarious comedian. But we laughed so hard that our cheeks hurt and by then end of the show, we were in a wonderful mood! Dancing happened soon after. I haven't danced in a very long time. But it was, at one time, one of my favorite things to do. If you ever want to go dancing with your friends and not be hassled by single guys, a gay bar is just the place!  By 10:30, we were all pretty much ready to head back to the hotel. What a bunch of old ladies! haha. I didn't drink after dinner since I was the DD. Not to mention, drinking isn't really my fortay these days.

When we got back to the hotel, the girls were intoxicated and very hungry. We drove around the beach looking for a pizza place. There was not one restaurant or even convenience store open. By this time, it was about 11:30 pm. Aleta, decided to call Dominos and have them deliver. This was the funnier than the comedy show that we had just attended. After waiting nearly 30 minutes for them to arrive, Dominos called and informed us that they were at the Anchorage Hotel, knocking on door 134 and it was the wrong door. Aleta assured them that we were number 134. We told them to try again. This time we stood outside the door waiting. They called again to inform us, "The people who are at 134 are sleeping and not very happy that we keep knocking at their door with pizza." We were very confused. We asked again,  to make sure that they were at the Anchorage Hotel. We decided to meet them at the lobby. Trying to get out, Aleta discovered that the door was stuck shut. We couldn't open our hotel room door. Aleta tried it for a few minutes before Erin decided to give it a shot. Finally, she did get it open and Aleta dashed outside in her intoxicated state, waiting for Dominos. She waited...and waited. She yelled to strangers pulling up to their hotel, "Are you the wings?!" (to which she was referring to our pizza, cheesy breadsticks and wings.) The lady gave her a dirty look and shook her head. 

I, being the sober one, was in tears laughing at this and recorded the entire thing. I would show you but I'm pretty sure my girlfriends would never talk to me again. Ha ha. She returned with no pizza. Furious, she called the number back. After a few conversations, we discovered that the pizza had been ordered from a Dominos in New Hampshire (we were in Maine) and they were delivering it to the Anchorage Hotel there......yes, we were all very disappointed that we didn't get our " 2 things of wings, cheesy breadsticks, and a Large pizza,  half extra cheese, half mushroom!" (Right Leelee?)

My favorite quote of the night:
"I seriously wanted pizza and I'd eat it if it showed up." (Erin as she's laying in the hotel bed, intoxicated, covered in blankets with her eyes shut, after we found out they weren't coming. 

I've seriously watched the video 30 times laughing hysterically each time! What a weekend. It was too much fun. 
We did some sightseeing for the rest of our time there. By Sunday afternoon, I was ready to go back to my baby and Ty. But I couldn't. I had one more day away from them. On Monday afternoon, after a long drive home, I walked back in my house to the biggest smile from my sweet little Scarlett. I became teary-eyed as she hugged me and rested her head on my chest. She learned new words while I was away. Daddy must have been spending some serious time with her. She now says, "Block" "Pumpin" (Pumpkin) and counts "one, two, freeeeee."  
Girl time is always needed.  And I had a blast with two of my sweetheart girls! But at the end of the weekend, I was glad that my heart was back home with Ty & Scarlett. Here is the photo Ty text me while I was away. Now how could you not be homesick when you receive this!?


  1. Great pictures! That pizza story is hilarious! I'm sure that's something you all will look back on years from now and laugh at!

  2. Omygosh, I am cracking up and smiling after reading you wonderful stories of your girl's weekend! Especially the pizza scenario. Reminds me of times with my friends in the past. HILARIOUS...I love what your friend said. She is one tough cookie for not running out and hunting some food down after all that! Haha!
    The picture of Ty and Scarlett is so sweet!
    So glad you had a great time with your friends! You deserve it!
    Happy weekend!

  3. That has got to be the funniest story ever, completely priceless. I bet you all got some crazy looks at the hotel but totally worth it with all the wonderful memories you made!!!! It's always fun to get away every now and then but there's nothing like being home with the ones you love!!!!

  4. i love girls weekends. getaways, nights... sounds like so much fun. laughing with your girlfriends is the best =) hope you are doing great girl. its been awhile =)

  5. sounds like a fun weekend! Gotta love girls trips! I just found your blog & I love it.

  6. I'm missing my little man after 1 or two nights away, too! I'm heading to PA for a conference in October and am nervous about leaving him for so long!


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