Monday, April 30, 2012

Two is Better Than One.

These next 2 weeks are so busy for me.
I apologize in advance if my posts are scarce for a bit.
I left New York on Friday to get home, get Scarlett's Party organized and take care of a few other matters.
 Ty left to go back to New York yesterday afternoon. 
He will come back to me later this week. I always hate being away from Ty. I see him everyday. 
Still, it's not enough. 
It never is. 

When we said good-bye to each other, I started thinking about how in past relationships. 
I always wanted my own space; Time away from them.  
But with Ty, the love is different. Stronger than I can explain.
With Ty, I don't ever want that space. I want to be with him all the time. 
I love having my best friend close. 
When I am away from him, I feel like a part of me is missing.
When we are together, things feel right. 
I know that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but I still can't help but wish I was with him.

As I sat there by myself, last night, I could only think about how Ty wasn't there and how much I wished he was. I decided to read a book and take my mind off of it. I looked through my stack of books between my owl book ends in the living room.  I came across a book that my father gave me awhile ago, but I never got the chance to read. I picked it up and skimmed the pages. Inside, was a note that my father had written to me. It said he was reading this book and he found it life changing. He wanted to share it with me. 
I don't know what was so important that I never got the chance to read it before, but I decided now was better then never. The book is called, "The Purpose Driven Life" By Rick Warren. The book encourages you to read one chapter a day for 40 days. I read the first chapter. In it, I found this quote, 

"Two are better off than one, because together, they can work more effectively. If one of them falls down, the other can help him...Two people can resist an attack that would defeat one person alone. A rope made of three cords is hard to break."
Ecclesiastes 4:9

This quote stuck with me. It was ironic that I had gone to the book to stop thinking of how I missed Ty and in it, I found Ty again. This is the reason that I belong with Ty and he with I: Because together, we help each other up, we overcome things that we couldn't do alone. We are unbreakable. My Ty....
I write many pages trying to come up with a words to tell Ty how I feel about him. But they all fail to really say how much I care for him. 
And knowing this, the only way to tell him, is to show him. Everyday, for the rest of my life. 

I hope that someday, somehow...I truly find the way to show Ty just how much I love him. 


  1. Lovely post lady. I feel the same way with my husband and my words never seem enough. Amazing quote :)

  2. I can definitely relate. Because of our [hopefully very temporary] situation, my husband is away from Monday mornings until Friday nights for work. My sanity dwindles during the whole week, and Friday never seems to come fast enough. It's not even a matter of being able to appreciate being alone, or even being unhealthily co-dependent, it's just that fact that everything is so much better with him around. I miss his smell, I miss his chuckles. That's when you know you have something that's real, that's precious and worth treasuring forever. With that being said.. is it Friday yet?! :(

  3. Love the pictures of you guys! What a great post! I'm sure Ty knows how much you love him.

  4. Sweet photo's. I secretly hate being away from my love but with school and all the other work I must do I often spend days without seeing him. I hope yours gets back to you soon!

  5. I've heard that is a good book. You'll have to let us know who it is!

  6. I know how you feel. I'm usually need my space... but never from Anthony :) Even if we're just in the same room doing completely different things. It's just nice to be close. I hope the time away passes quickly!

  7. that is the perfect verse to complete this post... i love your passion for your family =) and your Ty =)
    i know you are a busy bee these days, but i just wanted to let you know I tagged you in my post today "Grown Up Slam Book" =) in case you are up for something like that ..

  8. awe this is SO sweet! i just found your blog! you are so pretty!! new follower!

  9. I loved this post! So sweet. You captured how I feel about my boyfriend, especially in relation to how I've felt in the past. Have a lovely weekend, dear!

  10. You and Ty have such a special connection. The quote from your the book your father gave you is so it.
    I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend enjoying each others company, Lauren. Lots of luck with planning the party!

  11. i love that verse. it reminds me of what a blessing people are in our lives.

  12. love your blog girlie! i saw you on caseys page {thewiegands} & i'm happy to be your newest bloggy friend <3

    would love for you to visit back sometime and become one of mine as well!

    happy saturday!

  13. That quote was just what i needed today....

  14. Lauren ... I gotta say the best thing I have read on your blog is "Right now, I am successful, because I am very happy".


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