Friday, April 27, 2012

The Line We Fell Across

The Line We Fell Across
By:Lauren Hutchinson 
Copyright © 2010 Lauren Hutchinson

Zicky`s Song by Pepper on Grooveshark
"Zicky's Song"

I hand you friendship with all these strings.
You say I remember too many things.
I only remember what I can't forget.
Someday it will end....I'll take all I can get.
I walked to your house, stumbling.
You took me in even though I was belligerent & mumbling.
I was sick, you held my hair.
I said, "I'm sorry I came here."
You spoke, "Don't worry, it's alright."
You got me home safe that night.


It had been so long since you kissed her. 
You told me that you missed her.
I hated to hear you in pain.
I hated how she treated you with such disdain.
You didn't want to think of her, that's that you said.
I'll be your distraction. I'll take her out of your head.


Those felt alone.
It's hard to be so far from home.
The letters stopped. Did friends forget?
You called me; you sounded upset.
I listened to your voice, undoubtably sad.
My humor and charm was all I had.
So I tried to cheer you up and such.
You didn't know it, but I needed you just as much.


Days, weeks, months went by; I didn't see you at all.
You came back & we picked up like you never left that fall.
Watching the game together. That ridiculous baseball score.
Laughing, laying there on the floor.

We are merely friends; that was agreed.
So why do you feel like something I need?


Perfect hands from his fingers to his thumb.
He plays the guitar and I watch him strum.
I have never heard this song before.
But I want to hear more.
There is something about him...about this song.
He says it's wanting what I can't have, but he is wrong.
He's never wrong. He's always right.
Not this time; not tonight. 


You are my best friend, you know I'm on your side.
So how do you make me so mad I want to cry?
We argue too much. I say yes, you oppose.
I still don't care. I want you close.
You say I'm random. I think you're funny.
But I'm not your sugar... and you're not my honey.


He doesn't approve, but who is he to preach?
Let's run away to the beach.
Newspaper photographer snapping pictures around us.
So we sink under & let the water surround us.
For a split second, you pull me close; the world disappears...
Under the water, it was like the rules didn't adhere.

In the car you were singing 'Akon',
"Nobody wanna see us together.." you sang on.
I laughed at you. You smiled back.
I loved to be around you and that was a fact.
I was at a time in my life when there was little that was real.
The best part of you was, when you were with me, I could feel.


My situation was too complex. You couldn't deal with that scene.
It wasn't like you to be mean.
You dropped me off at my car; you were done with the game.
I walked away, you called my name.
I turned around. Neither one of us quite understood.
You put me up on the hood. 
There it was, the line that we tried so desperately not to cross.
The line that, somehow, we simply fell across. 


I needed to stop living in an inevitable falling.
If only it didn't feel so good stalling....
"Come be with me" was all you had to say!
You always held me an arms length away. 
When things crumbled, as we both knew they would in time,
You were angry with me for not giving you "the chance to be mine".
But someone else grabbed hold, when you wouldn't.
Someone else loved me, when you couldn't. 
At one time, I held no one else above you.
But you waited too long to tell me, 'I love you'.


After all was said & done we didn't end up with each other.
And now, we both love another. 
We went through our seasons.
I think people come into your life for many reasons.
By accident, you showed me the true meaning of trust.
What we had, somehow turned to dust.

I don't know you anymore...It seems so long ago.
I remember though,
The gamble, not knowing if it would end up a loss.
The line we fell across....



  1. So pretty. You are great with words. Especially love 'You always held me an arms length away.'

  2. This was beautiful, Lauren. You have such a way with words. :)

  3. hehe looking good!!

  4. Really lovely and powerful. You have an incredible way with words, my dear.

  5. This is beautiful and full of so much pure and raw emotion, Lauren.
    I loved it.

  6. Very nice!!!!!! So beautiful!!!!! Blessings,Sara

  7. So beautiful and perfect for what I am going through too. You summed it up so perfectly. Lovely post, I'm happy to have read it. :)


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