Monday, February 13, 2012

Scarlett So Chic: RockStar

I have to say, sometimes Scarlett dresses better than I do! I will be periodically posting Scarlett's outfits. Take a peek inside her closet and find out where this fashionable baby got her chic vesture. 


***Rock Star***

Pink Puffer Vest: Children's Place
Hot Pink Skinny Pants: Babies R Us
Rockstar Shirt: Sears
Boots: Timberlands
Headband: Scarlett's Roses


  1. LOVE her outfit! She is BEAUTIFUL TOO!

  2. Your daughter is GORGEOUS! Too adorable!

  3. Love those little Timberland boots!

  4. I had a t-shirt when Ian was little that said "Chick Magnet". I put him in it all the time and the old women loved it!

  5. Oh my gosh she is too cute! I love your blog! And the music on here too :) Just sat and listened while I browsed through your older posts! Great tastes! And her tan trench coat is just precious girl! Such a stylish baby!

  6. I seriously LOVE little girls clothes, it makes me wanna have a baby all the time so I can dress her up super cute!


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