Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Living Room Make-Over Plan

Have you ever decorated a room over time?  
And just as you finished it, you looked and thought, I don't even like this. 
I have been decorating my living room over the past year or so.  It seemed as soon as I finished, I realized I'm tired of the same ole' style. Doesn't that always happen. But not to fear, I can redo my entire living room on a budget. 
 Since we really don't know where we will be living in the next few months, (Read about that HERE) I decided that I will begin collecting the pieces that I need and start redoing some of the furniture I already own. I figure that way, when we get to our unknown destination, I will be ready to decorate. 

I have gone back and forth as to what style I want to go with. I am so versatile that I like many different styles: shabby chic, modern, traditional, neoclassical, romantic, rustic and of course, retro. I decided a good eclectic/modern look was what I was going for.  I want it to look hip and fresh but with hints of vintage and splashes of retro. I looked around my house and realized that there is too many earth tones. Beige, black, white, cream and gray.....I want some color in my life! 

After playing around with mood boards, (my new favorite thing), I figured out exactly what I want. Here is the inspiration for my living room :)

My Livingroom Project

My plan:

I already have a green sofa and love seat. I consider them the meat of the room. Right now, they are being used in a traditional schemed living room .  I still want to keep an eclectic feel that I have going on, but I want to do away with the traditional. I'm going to transform it into a modern/eclectic space. So I'm keeping my green sofa and love seat. I 'm ditching the old beige throw pillows and buying some new ones to give it a completely different, modern feel. I'll look for yellows and grays; maybe a hint of burnt orange.

Wall Color:
Since my walls are already a grayish color, I figured, why put myself through all the torture of repainting an entire downstairs? (the downfall to an open flowing floor plan).  I'll keep it that color. It looks pretty good with the new plan and I can always do an accent wall. As a bonus, if we end up moving, I can bring my 3 cans of left over paint with me. Apparently I didn't estimate correctly when painting the first time...

End Tables:
Right now, I have natural wood side tables. They aren't going to work for the look I want. I am going to use them else where in the house. My white bedroom side tables will work much better. The bedroom is the next room to be made over anyway, so why not? I still may go buy a round drum end table like the one shown. It really gives it that modern edge.

Entertainment Console & Coffe Table:
Since there is lots of color floating around now, I want to keep the console and coffee table white. It will let my colors stand out. I'm still sticking with that modern/transitional vibe. I am currently using my huge coffee table as a tv stand so buying a new one won't hurt my feelings any.

I fell in love with Anthropologie's green patterned curtains for $108 a window. They almost spirit a bit retro. If I cannot find similar curtains for less expensive elsewhere, then they will be my one big splurge for this room. They really make the room and therefore, in my eyes, worth the price.

My accents will be a blue lamp or two, some modern wood frames, candles and a few colorful vases or decor. Now, I know I said I was going modern, but the eclectic part comes into play here. A lot of my accessories will be vintage. I will most likely make over an existing lamp. I already have some wooden frames and plenty of candles. Candles help set a relaxed feel. A trip to an estate auction or two will help me with the rest of the vintage accessories.

Because of all the cool colors, I wanted to warm up the room. Yellow was the perfect choice. It will brighten up the room and bring out the bits of yellow in the pillows.

Wall Accents:
I love wall collages. The one I have now is reflecting that old traditional look. I'm taking it down and replacing it with a new white round mirror and a bunch of white framed pictures. (Pictures are a MUST in my home) For some reason I seem to hoard frames,  so finding white ones shouldn't be a problem.

Voile'. There you have my Living Room Make-Over Plan. Pictures upon completion:)


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  1. I love it :) I especially like the couch and that white circular side table... I need to find one like that! I can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  2. Love the green!!!! My living room has a green paint on the walls and I love it!!!! I thought about repainting but still love it.It needs touch ups here and there and I can't find my paint can anywhere<lol!!!! The couch in your mood board is very cool!!!!

  3. Hey Lauren, I nominated you for the Liebster blog award :)

  4. Love this color pallet! The gray, green and yellow is still subtle but definitely not bland. I felt the same way when we moved into our new place, I wanted to redo the color scheme, the last place was too neutral/monochromatic.

  5. Umm... this is just FABULOUS!! Love those Anthropologie curtains. I could seriously decorate my entire home from that store (if I could afford it!). I can't wait to see it when it's all done. LOVE the eclectic feel, too. Just my style :)


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